Financial horoscope for May 2019: use this time to solve problems!

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The key to success this month is commitment. The influence of the restless Mercury, which will change its energy three times in May, will be important. For many people, this will allow them to find the root of all evil and solve material problems, others will have less luck. It is known that as an antagonist, Mercury is always ready to pick up luck. Self-confidence and organization will help neutralize the negative impact of the planet.


May will be rich in events in the field of career and money. Over the course of 20 days, the Sun in Taurus will set the pace, and for you, there will be excellent career prospects. This time will be most favorable when you understand how you can apply your talents and for what money you are ready to work. This understanding will attract events and opportunities for a new position, job, salary. The gift of persuasion and the ability to constructively communicate with people will help in achieving goals and negotiations. However, the negative of Mercury will prevent you from raising income from May 21st to 31st. At this time, it is better not to lend money and not to go into debt.


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You will begin May on the rise: in your Sign, the Sun, Mercury, and later Venus will join them. These planets will not let you relax, so it is most reasonable to plan for this month affairs requiring increased business activity. You will easily perform complex tasks, so you can load yourself with work, but stick to the limits of a reasonable schedule – this will double the chances of success. Everything planned in May will be held in the best possible way: things will become clearer, and income will increase. This month, the planets expect courageous initiatives out of you. This is a great time to launch new projects.


In early May, you may be faced with deception and illusions. The negative impact of the antagonist-Jupiter will make the beginning of the month not very successful, so don’t start new ideas and do not rush to accept offers. Some competitors may intrigue and wait for an opportunity to stab you in the back. Time is needed for additional analysis and re-checking of information. Beginning of May – the opportunity to return to the unfinished problems and cases, to correct your mistakes. After receiving a new experience, you can proceed to active actions at work: after May 21st, Mercury is activated, the negative will subside, and you will have enough strength to conquer new peaks.


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The influence of retrograde Jupiter will bring events that will not let you relax. On one hand, it will bring psychological discomfort, on the other – a new experience, and maybe a new position. May will be a great month for a job change, schedule or line of business. In any case, the professional weight on you will seriously increase, the main thing is to doubt oneself as little as possible, not to stop at what has been achieved and strive forward.

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The sun is in Taurus, and from May 5th, Mercury will join it. Two space objects with stable energy will help to change the situation at work beyond recognition. You will be able to make sure that all changes are good for you. In the period from May 1st to 21st, you need to be calm and confident, and then everything will work out. But rash acts committed under the influence of ambition will be extremely dangerous. You need to be careful with money to keep it down.


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This month, the Universe will be supportive, which will certainly affect your financial success. If you are thinking about a new position or starting a business, then there are no obstacles for this, but there is one “but”: this is unlikely to be better than the current state of affairs. If you still have time, then it is better to wait and think about increasing income at the current place of work. In May, Mercury will have some kind of changes, and if you are active and willful, without getting bogged down in trifles and problems, then by summer the financial influx and career advancement are quite possible.


May for you will begin with not very pleasant news: even if you have found your purpose in life and understand how to make money, problems will arise where they are more serious – obstacles and psychological blocks on the path to success. Will cause all this stay of Venus in Aries. The influence of this sign plays against you. Be aware that there is nothing critical in this: just set aside the changes for May 15th to May 31st, when Venus enters Taurus and opens a window of opportunity, and at the beginning of the month take up advanced training and search for additional earnings.


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Eternal comfort in May will be in the first place for you, so try to start the month with respect for yourself. Mars from May 16th to 31st will be in Cancer, which will cause internal problems, uncertainty, suspiciousness. During this period, you will find it more difficult to concentrate on work and earnings: emotions and jumping moods will constantly distract you. It is advisable to treat this philosophically and keep calm.

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In May, you will be concerned about any goals and plans other than work, at least at the beginning of the month for sure. Retro-Jupiter will push to solve problems stretching from the past, while in the realm of money a knot may form that will have to be unraveled for a long time. In order not to aggravate the situation, it is worthwhile to find a balance between work and personal life and not lose sight of the important things. Perhaps, you will have to spend money more wisely, plan a budget, control expenses – in general, do something that will help you to normalize the financial sphere, and maybe even get rich.


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In terms of energy, May will be the continuation of April and will not bring any significant changes: attention will continue to be focused on the career. However, with the first days of May in your personal life, some transformations may begin, in which you will have to engage. For the rest, after May 10th and until the end of the month, you will have productive working days and productive success.


The patron, Saturn, will spend the whole of May in the retro-phase, so you should not make any sudden movements: the situation in the financial sector is extremely unstable. Critical problems can be avoided if nothing is changed, otherwise, the situation in the career can get out of control, and negative programs can take over. Try to focus on the performance of your duties. To achieve global goals this month in terms of money or work will be difficult, but do not be upset – this is the situation in the Universe. Use the time while Saturn is moving backward to work on yourself.

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Cash and career upheavals will be left behind as soon as Venus enters Taurus. This will happen on May 15th – until this day you should save your resources, nerves, and money. From May 1st to 15th, it is good to be engaged in education, study the market and competitors, expand horizons, try yourself in something new, but from May 15th to 31st you can expect real success. This time will be a kind of progressive development. In order for May to be pleased with the large proceeds, it is worth paying attention to the forgotten projects and deferred cases. If they are, you need to do their implementation.

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