Financial horoscope for July, 2018

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The time is coming to review values, open struggle, freedom of action, improve financial situation and increase impulsiveness. The priority should still be stability: it is undesirable to delay or risk. In particular, it is necessary to handle money carefully, not to invest them in unknown and untested projects. In July, if possible, avoid conflict with those who are more influential than you. Monotonous? No, on the contrary, there will be a time to slightly slow down, look around, slowly analyze what is happening in your life, and understand what you would like to change in it.

This month for the representatives of the Sign of Aries is not a very successful period, because the determination and aggression, which usually help you to succeed, will work against you in July. But complaisance, good nature, flexibility, carelessness and ability to do several things at once will bring good results, and without much effort. It’s a shame only that the feeling to resist, will succeed only in rare Aries. You will, as always, very quickly get into the taste, lightning up quickly and energetically run to your goals. Astrologers strongly recommend transferring important cases to the next month, and this one is dedicated to new, unusual tasks for you. The work in which you are a beginner is expected to succeed. In the previous few months you have been busy creating a solid ground under your feet, and now it’s time to shake your usual world, leave the comfort zone and tune in to victory.


Taurus is a sign of order and material stability, but it is on July 26th, you will get many chances to start a new life. Especially this applies to those who are not satisfied with the old. July is ideal for changing course, work and activity, for training and moving to a new place. But vacation and business trips, at least at the end of the month, for you are extremely negative – you can push away luck and get lost in routine, falling into depression. In the past, you’ve often been wrong, it’s time to learn and stop failing. For you, a whole new perspective opens up. It will be possible to create a solid foundation for productive work and prosperity.

Be ready for wave-like moods and failures – this month you will often feel dissatisfaction with yourself, your goals, income and life. The feeling that your life is not going the way you want would follow you. These sad tips will begin to dictate to you your subconscious mind, so listen carefully to everything that intuition tells you. Internal dissatisfaction will push to start, to change and achieve success. Be more attentive and sincere in relation to others, try to calm down the selfish notes – and you will notice how the attitude of people towards you will change. The more actively you work on yourself, increase confidence, strengthen relationships, the less you will have reasons for disappointment in yourself and in life. You will be heard and will get rescued, just stop submitting to momentary impulses and your whims. Make a contribution to strengthening ties – both business and personal.

Easy fatigue this month can easily grow into stress, and stress – in tormenting apathy. And on the contrary, passive work can sharply become active, and deferred plans and deeds – suddenly overwhelm you. So the month promises to be hot. In the business sphere, you risk starting to get hung up on what you are interested in, ignoring important and necessary tasks to advance. Habits will increase, priorities and goals evolve – you suddenly feel that you have become better, more stubborn, stronger and more initiative. This is a deception that will distract you from success. Keep your familiar coasts, do not take on new and unexplored. In July, the time will come when you will have to become better, alternately fighting with the illusions.

In July representatives of Leo will be ready for a breakthrough: this month you are expected to have cardinal changes in life, regardless of whether you want them or not. Already at the beginning of July, will not have time to languish: new goals, plans, business acquaintances and profitable offers will start to pour on you. The more you show initiative and interest, the more successful is material life for you. The Leo in July need to try very hard not to scare off the money luck. Carefully handle money, plan spending, look for ways to increase prosperity: career growth, additional earnings, business. The stars report: you have accumulated enough knowledge and professional experience, it is time to apply all this in practice. Do not be afraid to be brave and determined.


This month, the Virgo are unlikely to fully realize their goals and plans. Astrological tendencies are unfavorable for you, and the best thing you can do is adapt to the situation and minimize possible damage. Watch events, notice trivia, plan ahead a few steps and assess past mistakes. You will literally be forced to become even more meticulous and cautious than usual. The influence of your patrons will give you energy for personal growth and strengthening your positions. However, problems that cause you a feeling of dissatisfaction, will come one after another. Because of this, many Virgos can spend July in throws, without rest and harmony.

Representatives of the constellation Libra in early July, most likely, will face confusion in the business sphere. You will be introduced to chaos and misunderstandings into your life, which will exacerbate an already difficult situation. Do not engage in too time-consuming and complex work. It may happen that your life force, resources and skills will not be enough to cope with the work, so, if possible, take a vacation and rest “in full”. The second half of July will be more harmonious. You will be able to find a balance between the energy of chaos and order, which will certainly strengthen your ambitions and self-confidence. It is possible that you will start looking for a new job. However, there may be misunderstandings in the family, because the excitement and desire to improve social status will absorb you so much that you can forget about your loved ones. One way or another, it’s up to you, but remember that your income in July will tend to grow.

Jupiter in the house of Scorpio will make you feel dissatisfied with your intellectual abilities and undiscovered professional potential. Those of you who will react to this as a duty failure will be a loser. Scorpios who will accept this challenge and begin to actively compensate for gaps in their skills, doing self-education, will prevail, because in July you will be able to absorb huge amounts of new information. Starting from July 10th, you can feel the increase in excitement. You will be drawn to risky financial projects. However, this is not the best time for changes, investments and deposits. The middle and end of the month are more conducive to personal initiatives and creative projects. Try to get motivation and not make your plans to the public.

Feeling that life on all fronts falls into the abyss, you can choose several options for follow-up. First, you roll up your sleeves and begin to struggle with restless energy, trying to resist the elements of chaos. The second – shrugging shoulders, ignore what is happening. Surprisingly, astrologers say that the second version of the development of events is much better than the first. All the changes, will ultimately bring you success. Closer by the end of the month, passions will fall, and you will begin to enter the old track. Therefore, there is no sense in fighting the circumstances.


Capricorns refer to the Signs, which generally love stability, so the upcoming July is unlikely to please them. You will be presented so many surprises that the measured course of life will be disrupted. Literally everything will happen with an element of surprise, the surrounding will behave ambiguously, the network of random events will intertwine in an incomprehensible pattern, and, although there will be enough positive changes, you still run the risk of feeling that the soil is running out from under your feet. Astrologers advise to try to work out the regime of the day and observe it, to work in the multifunctional mode, not to be afraid of initiative and responsible decisions. Otherwise, uncertainty in yourself will block your successes and deprive you of success. In July, it is important for you to feel that you can still control something in this world. The new month will untie the hands of your independence: losing control over the events, you can concentrate on something new – give yourself free rein.

Numerous minor failures and easy disappointments will periodically dislodge you. Do not fall for the provocation of the stars – find inside the inner arrow and hold on tightly to it. Self-knowledge will help you learn and accept the strengths of your character. Do not be afraid of responsibility and work: they will become your main assistants. Feeling even minor changes in the financial sphere (duties, goals, and earnings may change), try to give them paramount importance. The accumulated life experience this month will not be useful to you, it is better to temporarily postpone it and do something new and exciting, even if it is a simple planning of the future.

Born under the auspices of Pisces, the stars promise a lot of adventures and emotions, especially if you spend the second summer month on the move: in business activity, seeking new work, cooperation, opening your business. Where you can take risks. If you are offered to work on something new, it is advisable to accept the challenge. Do not forget about self-study – in July you will be good at learning new information. From the minuses of this period, we can distinguish the following: tension, impulsiveness and selfishness. Manage your emotions and try to show more flexibility, even in communicating with relatives. This month, you will be extremely concerned about your financial situation, social status and professional prospects. These aspirations will greatly enhance, so that you can fully implement changes in your life.

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