Financial horoscope for a week from July 30th to August 5th, 2018

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Week of deep analysis and planning of further steps ahead awaits us. The beginning of August is unfavorable for active actions in work and in business. Retrograde Mercury and the Moon, will make the activity chaotic and not yielding results. This influence is more suitable for summarizing than for a new start. About the upcoming week, the stars give us all a well-deserved break, when there is an ideal chance to assess the current situation and look at your work and business from the perspective of an outside observer.


This week Aries will be full of energy and optimism. The coming seven days can become breakthrough in some issues, requiring courage, determination and colossal self-confidence. Put the maximum use of creative potential, engage in self-promotion, games on the currency exchange. The period from July 30th to August 5th is suitable for bold statements, interviews and business activities.


Taurus will have a good week for informal work. Proposals for part-time work or part-time work will be poured from all sides. Try to use the opportunities, while you have the possibility to shine and earn. It will also be possible to find a way out of the impasse or to turn the secret adventure that promises success. However, between personal life and career, contradictions will grow: business reputation may suffer or the authority in the family may break.


This week promises to Gemini success, strengthening of ambitions, intellectual abilities and  hidden talents, thanks to which it will be possible to solve difficult questions, to find compromise solutions, to win over influential people to your side. The original exits from the most intricate situations will come to mind by themselves. The only thing about which you shoul be aware: do not trust the words of people, especially the promises of the authorities. Naivety this week will not bring good.

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Cancers will have the best seven days for long-term plans and  increased incomes. Astrological trends in the period from July 30th to August 5th will be conducive to solving a variety of issues related to careers and finances. Try to avoide impulsive decisions; now you need to show the world and surrounding people your reliability and competence.


Representatives of Leo this week will be able to tremendously expand their capabilities and enter new spurs of development in business and career. The pledge, and in combination, and the condition for success, in these seven days will be personal activity, initiative. Try not to go headlong into work – now more than ever it is important to control all areas of your life. Victories in one thing and omissions in something else are fraught with problems and small troubles with money.


The stars recommend the Virgos not to make public statements this week. This can cause conflicts with management, colleagues or business partners. Given the situation, it is much more effective for you to work with what is not connected with collective activity. In addition, the working environment of life will be influenced by something personal: sympathy or antipathy towards a person. But in the material sphere, you now have complete freedom of action – grab luck.

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The coming week can develop for representatives of Libra unfavorably. In the risk zone, everything that relates to money, real estate and business relations falls into. Try to suspend the search for business partners, postpone to the next week, taking loans for personal purposes. Refrain from everything superficial and questionable, so as not to jeopardize your plans and attract success.


This week, you can get tired of working, and communication with colleagues is likely to give you a lot of discomfort. You will feel significant pressure on you. That’s why (if you have the opportunity), try to put things in order and close all the “tails”. Unexpected shortcomings and failures this week – it’s common, if you pull with projects and with deadlines.


The coming week may seem fresh, because you will have to enter the economy mode. This week promises ambition, self-confidence and uncontrolled waste. You should beware of unnecessarily free treatment of money. This is especially true for whose, who are engaged in trade, exchange operations, consulting and resale of property. Success and revenue growth are promised in the sphere of art and beauty.

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This week, the behavior of typical Capricorn can become quite impulsive, which is not surprising. Avoid taking hasty decisions, thinking rationally and reckoning with the opinions of others. Otherwise, there may be a conflict or a failure. Your initiatives now can not find the understanding and support from the stars. Even the disposal of available financial resources will cause difficulties. Hold close to close people and check all incoming information.


For Aquarius, associated with other people’s money, art, banking and entertainment, the public or trade, can bring a lot of problems and fuss. If there is a chance to rest, to take a vacation or take a few days off – this will be the way. The lack of such an opportunity will push you to the very center of confusion. In this case, try to balance between rest and work.


For Pisces, busy with their career, this August, especially the coming week, should be given considerable success. For the rest, these seven days can be neutral: no negative or positive events are expected.

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