Female hormones

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Then the hormones are out of balance, it’s very unpleasant feeling, because it affect health and the looks. And the way, how we feel.

A tender and fragile female body needs an ideal and harmonious state. The condition of the hormonal background is not an exception. What are the consequences of a disturbed balance? All is very difficult, because any changes at the hormonal level lead to different changes, from appearance to health. That’s why every woman should watch her hormones, maintaining their right balance, thus ensuring well-being, attractiveness and a stable nervous system. Below we will consider the main types of hormones, for example, such important as estrogens, female hormones, the symptoms of which can lead to an imbalance in the body.

1. Estrogen
Produced by the ovaries, estrogen is responsible for femininity. Do not be surprised that  your beautiful shapes and soft character depends on it. This hormone also helps to renew cells, preserves youth, shine of hair, firmness of the skin, prevents the deposition of cholesterol in the vessels.
Excess estrogen – excessive fullness of the abdomen and thighs, the probability of formation of benign tumors.
The deficiency is fraught with the early aging of the skin, the formation of wrinkles, deterioration in the health of hair on the head and, most unpleasant, excessive growth of hair on the face, chest, arms.

2. Testosterone
This hormone produces the adrenal glands. Thanks to him, the woman shows signs of persistence, purposefulness, the ability to translate dreams into reality, you can “stop the horse and jump into the burning hut”. Testosterone helps to master sports and active games, as well as build muscle mass.
Excess testosterone, however, can turn a woman from a princess into an intolerable meager.

3. Oxytocin
Responsible for the tenderness and affection of the weaker sex. Each mother felt a surge of oxytocin after childbirth, when she woke up boundless love for her baby.
Excess. To increased production of oxytocin result in emotional or physical stress, as well as stress. For this reason, some ladies in their escape from problems are intensively checking homework assignments for schoolchildren and preparing their favorite restaurant dinner. Think about why you are so good today?

4. Thyroxine
Thyroid gland produces a truly unique hormone, responsible for both the mind and the slender figure of a woman. Thyroxine, leading to a balance of metabolism, prevents the excess weight gain, even if you do not resort to diets. An excellent bonus is an increase in intelligence.
Excess thyroxine leads to a sharp weight loss up to anemia, as well as the appearance in the head of anxious thoughts. This is accompanied by insomnia, memory impairment and heart palpitations. With such symptoms it is necessary to go to the endocrinologist to diagnose the thyroid gland.
The disadvantage of thyroxine is manifested in a set of extra pounds, fatigue, drowsiness, absent-mindedness and forgetfulness. In addition, there may be difficulties with conception.

5. Norepinephrine
Norepinephrine is the hormone of true ladies! It is produced by the adrenal glands under stress. This hormone dilates the vessels, giving the cheeks a blush, eye shine, and skin tones and firmness. In addition to beauty, noradrenaline gives women the confidence and strength to struggle with all difficulties and find a way out of difficult life situations. It’s great when you are not only irresistible, but also able to overcome all obstacles, successfully solve current problems and at the same time sleep soundly at night!

6. Insulin
Manufacturer – pancreas. Insulin is responsible for the breakdown of carbohydrates, including sweet carbohydrates, monitors glucose levels in the body and simply provides it with vital energy.
The disadvantage. Remember that not all insulin in the blood prevails at an active level. This means that with excessive consumption of flour and sweet products, there is a great risk of “earning” diabetes. The chances of getting sick with this disease increase with the presence of relatives.

Lovely women, remember your uniqueness and charm! Tell about the article to your friends, maybe some of them will think about their health and go to the doctor to check out their health, if they feel that something is wrong with their hormones.

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