Feeling lost after a spiritual awakening!

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If you feel lost after a spiritual awakening, then do not worry, because you are not the only one!

People usually have a good memory. We can remember things we learned in childhood. But after you are spiritually awakened, it may be difficult for you to separate your past from the present.

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Along with the process of spiritual awakening comes a lot of pain. You need to drop layer by layer your old beliefs! Your ego tells you that if you leave your past, in the future you will receive nothing; While your mind and heart assure you that you will not regret your decision! When you are spiritually awakened, you lose your former personality and peace. It’s the same as if you were born again.

It is very likely that you completely disconnect from the world until you completely stabilize and recover. This means that you need to fight the world, and with yourself.

You are no longer blind, you are not hiding in your comfort zone. You are now ready to see all reality. You can clearly see what’s going on around you, and it’s hard for you now to take your carelessness. Being spiritually awake means that you now already know your real goal in life, and you need to become an excellent role model for others!

But you also know that in your past there are mistakes that no one can compensate. You did a lot of things that you should not have done! Everything that you loved, now nothing more for you does not mean. You are no longer materialistic!

Now your friends do not look the same. You crave the best company. You like being alone, although you were a social person!

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You feel embarrassed because you do not know where to start, what to change first. You will feel lost, you may feel crazy, but remember that in time everything will only improve! You have achieved the best in your life, and you will understand it after a while!

If you want to overcome this insanity, then you just need to give up and stop fighting. Do not worry about the people around you. Anyone who is loyal to you will remain by your side, no matter what. And those who do not understand your situation, it is better to leave in the past!

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