Energy vampires on the Internet!

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Image by kai kalhh from Pixabay

Today, energy vampirism – a fairly common phenomenon. Among them may be our relatives, colleagues, neighbors. By contacting them, we involuntarily begin to feel weakness, lack of energy and emptiness. This means that the vampire sucks energy and sometimes even he does not suspect it.

Energy vampires, as a rule, are divided into two groups: Solar and Lunar. Moon vampires are those people who can make us feel pity or dislike. They constantly complain about life, whine and ask for help. Their goal is to make you sympathize and empathize. For example, an old woman in public transport asks you to give her place in a plaintive voice. You let her sit down, and here the most interesting begins: speaking to you, she begins to develop her own theme, to remember her old times while putting pressure on the pain points of unwitting listeners. Some Lunar energy vampires act more aggressively: they can threaten, intimidate, exaggerate any unpleasant situations.

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Solar energy vampires are characterized by increased aggression. If the Moon vampires climb into the soul “from afar”, then the Sun directly showered you with insults, rude for no reason, constantly spoil the mood. Their main goal is to lead you to emotions, to make you “pull out”.

Their most common methods: rudeness, lies, aggression, blackmail, evil sarcasm. Sometimes energy vampires can apply all of these methods together, which greatly enhances the impact on the victim.

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Energy vampires can affect us not only through direct contact but also through the Internet. A person who suffers a shortage of energy can be well fueled in the World Wide Web in various forums and social networks. For this, he can choose a specific role. For example, introduce yourself on the forum as “poor lamb” looking for pity and compassion. Naturally, all pity her, comfort and encourage, while losing their energy. Another type of energetic vampirism in the network is a deliberate manifestation of aggression. This vampire is always rude to the participants in the conversation. He brings his interlocutors to emotions and conflicts.

The only way to deal with energy vampires is to ignore. If in every possible way to avoid the impact of the vampire and avoid him, he will switch to another victim, and leave you alone. In addition, rudeness and aggression can be answered not with the same rude words, but on the contrary, you can use all your set of benevolent phrases. For example, an insult can be answered with a wish of happiness and health to that person. It will discourage the energetic vampire and alienate you.

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