Element of the Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

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Are you one of them, I mean the Earth people? Or maybe your loved one is, or someone in your family or friends? This is a great possibility to know them better.

The people of the Earth Element have from a young age a clear idea of ​​what they want from life. Utopian thoughts and plans do not last long in their minds. Their goal is always practical and real. They do not seek to occupy a new niche and give the world something new. Representatives of this element are characterized by a clear statement of goals and life priorities. They are not endowed with a rich imagination, but they have cold prudence and determination. If you need a sensible advice, then everyone follows it to the people of the Earth.

They are often straightforward and rarely when they choose the right words to soften their thoughts. Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn always tell the truth in the face, even if someone’s reputation is shaken after that. What is going on in their souls, they practically do not tell anyone. They are proud and independent and they want to look exactly like that in the eyes of other people, so they rarely share their experiences and anxieties.

Representatives of the elements of the Earth, for the most part, lead a measured and sedentary lifestyle. They quickly get used to the house, to the family. They are very important home hearth. To create a family for people of this element it is recommended to choose a pair of signs of Water or Earth. This is an excellent alliance, whose members will always find support in each other. With other elements, representatives of the Earth can also co-exist, but only under certain conditions. In the event of a marriage with a representative of the Fire Element, the human of the Earth will have to constantly restrain his partner’s emotions. So it is with the Element of Air. These two elements must constantly monitor their actions in relation to each other.

Taurus can seem at first glance calm and unruffled. These properties help him achieve his goals. But the disturbed spiritual balance of Taurus can harm all of his plans. Virgo possesses business acumen and practicality. They always know what will happen tomorrow and prefer to live strictly according to plan. In Capricorn the Earth is expressed most of all. This sign of the zodiac is endowed with the ability to achieve its goal by shadow methods.

People of Earth Elements have a number of advantages: independence, diligence, prudence, pragmatism, reliability, the ability to always stand firmly on their feet. The shortcomings in the nature of representatives of this element include: rudeness, uncompromising, greed, stubbornness, frequent melancholy, inability to think creatively.

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, best to live closer to the earth. The best option for the normal existence of these signs is the country house. It is not recommended to live on the upper floors of high-rise buildings. That is, the closer the land, the better will be the life for these signs.

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