Element of Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

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Are you one of them, I mean the Air people? Or maybe your loved one is, or someone in your family or friends? This is a great possibility to know them better.

The signs of this element unite a lively character, flexible thinking and sociability. Representatives of the Air Force never sit still and constantly learn something new. They are inquisitive, in their heads are constantly born amazing ideas and plans. People of this element always try to express their point of view on any issues. They are excellent speakers, they are able to convince and lead unquestionable arguments to their advantage.

Choosing the sphere of activity that they want to devote their lives to, the signs of the Elements of Air are guided, primarily by their desires. Money and fame do not attract them much. And the freedom of action and the deed, which they really like, are able to reveal in the people of this element all their potential. Most often representatives of the Air Force are engaged in creative and scientific activities. However, in business, they will also succeed. Despite the fact that they do not aspire to be leaders, they are able to manage and guide people. The only thing that these signs of the zodiac do not tolerate is routine and monotony. They can quickly get tired of a hobby or a certain circle of people, they are always ready for new sensations, acquaintances and adventures. It often happens that representatives of the elements of Air become unrecognized and doom themselves to loneliness. This is only because, that not all people are able to understand the principles by which people of this element exist. However, they are not at all afraid of loneliness and perceive it as another step in their life.

Gemini tend to change their positions and opinions when they see that they are losing. This representative of the Air Force is hiding behind different masks, which changes from case to case. Libra is a more calm representative of the Elements of Air. They are guided by the cold calculation and strength of their conviction. Aquarius is always trying to bring something new into the world. By nature they are fighters for freedom. However, they can show indifference to those things that are not within their sphere of interest.

To family life, these signs come late. The elect is best chosen from his own Element or from the Element of Fire. Although the signs of Air perfectly coexist with all the elements. It speaks about their communication skills and about the important quality of accepting a person as he is.

The main merits of the signs of the elements of Air: a flexible mind, justice, mercy, love of freedom and the ability to have a strong real friendship. Of the shortcomings can be identified excessive gossip, secrecy of feelings and emotions, hypocrisy, self-confidence.

To save health, all the signs of the elements of Air need as much time as possible to spend in the fresh air. The room where they are most of their time is best ventilated frequently. Representatives of the elements of Air will feel better, living in an open area.

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