Don’t wait until someone else loves her like you never loved

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Image by Napaporn Sripirom from Pixabay

How did you not understand this? How could you be so blind? That day she spent so much time getting ready for you. She hoped you would notice her efforts, that you would appreciate it. But you did not say a word.

On your birthday, she spent a lot of time finding the perfect gift for you. She went around all the shops, but you didn’t even bother to say “thank you” to her.

She was looking forward to your weekend date. She tried not to show her mind, but it was completely shattered by the fact that you again canceled the meeting. You have stopped spending so much time together, and she feels you are slipping away from her.

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She stared at her phone for so long, waiting for your answer. But she did not know that you had already read her message but decided that she did not deserve your answer. You made her paranoid. She thought it was her fault. She thought you were mad at her.

You never noticed how she cries at night all the time because you can’t understand why she is not enough for you. She needs answers, but they are not. She does not know how to go on and feels lost. You should have helped her, but you are not around.

She never asks you anything. She is still happy when you set aside time for her. She then comes alive. She longs for such moments, but they are very rare. You barely make an effort in a relationship while she bangs her head against the wall to make you happy.

You never notice how much you influence her – good or bad. You do not see how she smiles broadly when you pay attention to her. You do not see the river of her tears when you break her heart. You never hear her brag about you to others. You take her for granted, and she knows it but suffers because you think that you are still worthy of her love.

She does not betray you. She is always on your side, and you know that you can always count on her. But you don’t care that she can’t say the same about you. She practically does not have you in her life, and it kills her.

She does not require anything from you, but gives you everything, even when you do not ask. She says she is bored. And you say that she takes care of you too much. She says she loves you, and you answer only out of a sense of duty.

She always writes first because she constantly thinks about you. And you barely answer her until you need something from her. And she is glad to make you happy.

You are so rooted in this situation that you do not see that your future is completely different. Your future without each other. You will not stay together.

One day she will realize that she is pretty. She realizes her poor position in relationships and says that they are no longer worth it. Her heart will break, but she will leave you, no matter how difficult it may be. She knows that real life is waiting for her, better than the hell in which she lives with you.

One day she will meet a man who will be what you could never be. He will give her the love you did not give. He will make an effort, and not look from the outside.

And then you will understand how much you miss her and that she no longer thinks about you. Then you will understand how it is when people do not think about you. You will feel the taste of your own attitude towards her, and you will not like it. You should have treated her better, but now it’s too late.

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