Don’t date me if you are not ready for real relationships

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Today, too many girls agree to “open relations” because they do not want to seem desperate or intrusive in the eyes of guys, although they are not really happy with this state of things. And this is understandable.

Most guys just want sex and nothing else. They are simply afraid of commitment. They are probably afraid to discover their true feelings. After all, everyone is afraid that they will not be accepted so that they will refuse because they themselves are trying to seem indifferent.

But do not feel ashamed to show your feelings. Do not even think to change. You are a woman with emotional and physical needs. Yes, you probably also like sex, but you do not want to be perceived only as a free sexual pleasure. For women, sex is almost always associated with emotions. And you’re right to expect the same from men.

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You are more than a sexual object, you do not need to separate the body from the soul and heart. Before you sleep with someone, this person should attract you on many other levels besides the physical.

And the so-called “free relations” is a waste of time and energy. If they do not lead to anything, and often even break your heart, then why is this all? It’s better to enjoy a bachelor life until you meet the right person who also wants something real, instead of wasting your life on the wrong guys who bring nothing but trouble.

But the most important thing you need in a relationship is honesty. Not so bad that the guy does not want anything serious, but he shouldn’t be lying about it.

You deserve more. Do not wait and do not think that he will love you so much that he wants a real relationship with you. Do not be afraid to admit that you want a real relationship. And until you meet someone who will be ready for this, stay alone and do not settle for anything less.

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