Dandelion medicinal properties and contraindications

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Not only a beautiful yellow flower, which covers the fields, starting from spring, till the end of summer, but also used in food and medicine.

Today even doctors speak about its properties to heal from illnesses, even such, as a cancer. Being a wild weed by nature, dandelion is widely used in therapy, also in salads.

In fact, this useful plant – dandelion medicinal properties and contraindications of which will help alleviate allergies, lower cholesterol, help in the production of bile and get rid of toxins in the liver, lymphatic system and gallbladder, and if used improperly can have a negative impact.

In addition, dandelion is extremely useful for women’s health: it is used in cases of breastfeeding difficulties, various kinds of cysts, tumors, cancer. Spring, namely the first half of April, is the time to replenish the stocks of dandelion roots. It is important that the plant is collected from relatively clean places, away from the metropolis and roads.

Dandelion medicinal properties and contraindications

However, not only the roots of dandelions are of benefit. So, is its leaves, often used for the preparation of salads, contains a lot of vitamins. The stem will help to eliminate problems in the stomach and gallbladder, normalizing metabolism and purifying the blood. The stem is also treated with diabetes mellitus. Stem milk is effective in removing warts. From the dandelion flowers themselves for a long time brewed home-made syrup, useful for blood, cough relief and improve digestion.
Use dandelion in the treatment of cancer, hepatitis, stomach, liver and kidney diseases thus:

Syrup from dandelion flowers

Yellow flowers in the amount of 400 pieces must be poured in three liters of water, to which are added chopped 4 orange and 4 lemons. Insist all this within 24 hours.
After a day with the resulting gruel, the water must be filtered and drained into a saucepan. After pour two cups of sugar and cook for 20-30 minutes.
Freshly brewed syrup is poured into pre-sterilized glass jars and subsequently treats are a cold, cough and bronchitis.

Dandelion tea

The use of dandelions in tea is another way to help your health. To do this, a small amount of yellow flowers plants are poured with boiling water and are cooked over a slow fire for about 10-15 minutes. At the end, the liquid is filtered and enjoy the resulting tea. In this case, the level of benefit of such a drink will increase if you add a little bit of natural honey to it

Dandelion root: properties and help in fighting cancer

In the old days, healing characteristics were known for which the dandelion was so valued. This is confirmed today by modern medicine, suggesting that this plant is able to fight cancer cells. The dandelion root, the medicinal properties and contraindications of which have already been studied, is an excellent prophylaxis in the fight against cancer. To do this, it is first necessary to clean the root and divide it into identical small pieces that are laid out on a clean plane in a darkened place with good access to fresh air. After 3-4 days, when the dry plant will crumble in your hands, it must be folded into a jar, which you put in a dark cool place.
A jar with dried dandelion roots is stored for no more than one year without losing its amazing properties.

How is the dandelion prepared?

Some of the dried roots of dandelion are crushed through a meat grinder. This mixture is stored in a can with infusion for about two days. Next, you can brew tea from the calculation of half a teaspoon of this mixture on a glass of warm water. Incredibly simple!
Another way – 60 grams of fresh dandelion root mixed with 30 grams of dried root, then boiled in 500 ml of water with a pinch of table salt under a closed lid about 20 minutes after boiling. The filtered liquid is then drunk three glasses daily.
Only a few methods of applying the dandelion plant for therapeutic purposes have been described above.

And remember, before using any traditional medicine, you need to consult a doctor!

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