Corridor of eclipses in the summer of 2018: how it will affect our life

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The eclipses of the Sun and Moon affect the life of every person. What dangers lie in wait for people in July?

The corridor of eclipses in the summer of 2018 will include three events: a partial Solar eclipse on July 13th, a Lunar eclipse on July 27th and a Solar eclipse on August 11th. Thus, from July 13th to August 11th, you need to be especially cautious.

Solar eclipse July 13th

This astronomical event will occur in the constellation of Cancer, which will affect the perception of the world by people. At this time, everyone can say goodbye to the past, stop following obsolete goals and completely change their lives for the better. Eclipse will affect many areas of life , and people are recommend to listen to their intuition. Caution and timely steps towards change will help you avoid a lot of trouble. On this day, you can solve problems in your personal life, reconcile with those with whom you are in conflict. Changes will affect the business sphere. On the day of the eclipse, it is better not to start new projects in order not to face difficulties in the future. Be careful and keep inner harmony. A positive attitude and a desire to become better will help you to calmly survive this day.

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Lunar eclipse on July 27th

The eclipse of the Lunar disk will occur during another astronomical event – the great confrontation of Mars. The activity of the Red Planet will have a powerful impact on people, and the Lunar eclipse in Leo will provide the following:

  • abandon the old framework that constrains you;
  • choose a new path of development;
  • terminate communication with manipulators and envious persons;
  • find ways to realize inner potential, using innate talents and abilities;
  • find a common language with the people around you;
  • justify your own expectations and cease to depend on the opinion of society.

Solar Eclipse on August 11th

The eclipse of the Sun will take place in the constellation of Leo, and this time will be ideal for increasing self-esteem. The constellation of Leo will affect the mood, will allow you to get out of the shadow of more successful people. You can prove your importance to the environment and achieve much. Changes will affect personal life and business, and you are recommend not to overlook these wonderful opportunities. At this time, will be high level of love energy, so do not leave the sphere of relations without attention. Under the influence of an eclipse, it will be easier to complete conflicts, reconcile with your chosen ones and find compromises. Those who are in search of their soulmate, it is important to be attentive: the signs of destiny will show you the right direction.


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What can I do during the Corridor of eclipses?

During the Corridor of eclipses in life there will be interesting changes, each of which can become your door to a happy future. In the period from July 13th to August 11th, it is important to observe the following rules:

  • refuse to conclude important transactions and not to make rash purchases;
  • avoid any conflict situations, do not clarify relationships and do not expose them to strikes;
  • try not to quit and give up decisions taken during a breakdown or under the influence of emotions;
  • learn flexibility and make compromise decisions. Be prepared for change and do not postpone matters that require you to react quickly;
  • continue to go in the direction that you have chosen. Do not give up your goals for the sake of immediate desires;
  • discard any risks and adventures;
  • arrange all the points in previously unresolved issues, learn to work on the mistakes and change for the better ;
  • be vigilant on the road and driving the vehicle;
  • avoid stressful situations and tune into positive thinking ;
  • take up the restoration of health;
  • spend more time in the fresh air;
  • find a direction for spiritual development. These can be prayers, meditations, or other ways to get rid of the negative in the soul.

Every event that happened to you during the corridor of eclipses can dramatically change your life. Do not give in to provocation and do not stop believing in your strength. So you will avoid many problems and achieve everything you dreamed about.

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