Corridor of Eclipses: by setting these goals on August 11, you can change life for the better!

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From July 13th to August 11th, we will live in the so-called “Corridor of Eclipses” – the period between the two Eclipses. This Lunar month is special, since the new moon on July 13th and August 11th are accompanied by Solar Eclipses, and in the middle of the corridor – July 27 – there is a Lunar Eclipse.

The corridor of Eclipses gives us opportunities, using which, you can change your life and make it exactly what you want.

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This is a very good time to get rid of the unnecessary and to acquire something that will really help you in the future to live a happy life.

If you do not know what the goal is, check out our cheat sheet! It is likely that you will definitely take note of any of these goals and proceed to their execution in the Corridor of Eclipses or as early as August 11th, 2018!

August 11th, 2018 – a magical day. You can approximate the fulfillment of your desires, if you formulate and present them very clearly. The best thing is to work with the goals and visualization of the future on August 11th after 13:00, when the first Lunar day begins. During this period, the energy will be much greater and the chances that you will not deviate from your goals and achieve them, much higher!

Almost every successful person believes in two things: first, that the future is better than the present, and secondly, that he has enough strength to have such a future! Set goals and go to them, only on you depends how happy you will be in the future.

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Here is a list of goals that you might find useful:

1. Read at least one chapter of a book every day.

2. Sign up for courses or seminars to learn something new.

3. Learn to knit and bind at least three things (either: embroider, draw with watercolor, etc. – something that will be more to your liking).

4. Start a diary and record in it what you will be thankful for every day.

5. Select at least 1 hour per week to learn a foreign language.

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6. To adhere to the morning rituals aimed at health and well-being, at least 1 month without a break.

7. Eat 3 servings of fruits and vegetables every day for at least 1 month.

8. Drink at least 1.5 liters of clean water daily for at least 1 month.

9. Do physical exercises for 20 minutes a day at least a month.

10. Every day walk at least 2 kilometers.

11. Count daily calories at least for a month.

12. Reduce the amount of coffee to 1 cup per day.

13. Eat only healthy breakfasts daily for 1 month.

14. Stop eating carbohydrate foods after 18:00 for a month.

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15. Get rid of 10 unnecessary items a day for at least a month.

16. Spend time on mini-cleaning for 15 minutes a day every day.

17. Place ads about selling unnecessary things at least once a week for a month.

18. Select 1 day a week to properly clean the whole apartment (at least a month).

19. Make a rearrangement of furniture in the rooms.

20. Create a nutrition plan and lists with which you can go for groceries, in order to save money and not buy anything superfluous.

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21. Plan a romantic night with a partner at least once a week for a month.

22. At least 4 times a week have dinner with the whole family.

23. Go on a visit once a month with your spouse.

24. Choose a book that you will read with your partner at least 15 minutes before going to bed within a week.

25. Write encouraging notes to each child once a week for a month.

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26. Postpone at least 10% of earnings monthly during the year on a vacation.

27. Draw up a special plan to pay off debts quickly.

28. Create a stash for a rainy day – to postpone 5% of the monthly salary during the year for emergency cases.

29. Save on buying something very desirable by a certain date (!) Without debts.

30. Make a plan for maximum spending per day for a month and stick to it.

31. Reduce spending on food by 10% per month.

32. To save a portion of the money during the year for updating the furniture or to make repairs in the apartment.

33. To allocate the budget of the purchases for a month in view of wishes. Daily track spending for a month.

34. Choose in the year 1 month for super savings.

35. Find an additional source of income or at least start the search on the Internet.

Goals you can put any, your own, personal. They each can have their own, but as an example you can use some of the above goals.

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A few more tips:

1) Set real goals that you can achieve, even if not immediately, but they are quite real. If the goal seems too far away to you, break it into steps, every step in it will be more real and achievable than the whole goal.

2) Always be honest with yourself, seriously think, why should you achieve this or that goal? Does it make sense to you?

3) Remember the future: your entire future life depends on what you have done now. This is true for the present moment: all that you have now is the result of what you did in the past!

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