Color therapy in room design

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Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Color therapy or chromotherapy has healing properties. It can help you become happier, successful, give energy to you, encourage and e.t…

And it is not just that you have to look at different colors or drink water charged up by color or wear clothes. You can also use them in your home design.

Down below I have listed the colors, emotions what they bring out and the healing effect.

Red – anger, danger, warmth, and passion. Can increase heart rate and raise blood pressure and be overwhelming if used too much. Increases enthusiasm, stimulates energy, increases respiration and pulse rate. Encourages action and confidence. Provides a sense of protection from fear and anxiety.

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Image by diegodiezperez123 from Pixabay

Orange – bright, fun, friendly, and playful. Commands attention without being overpowering. Stimulates activity, appetite, and encourages socialization.

Yellow – positive, optimistic, and energetic. Good for point of sale messaging and calls to action. Stimulates mental processes, stimulates the nervous system, activates memory and encourages communication.

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Green – growth, rebirth, nature, stability, endurance and abundance. Has a balancing and harmonizing effect and is often used in relation to wealth. Soothes and relaxes mentally and physically. Helps alleviate depression, nervousness, and anxiety. Offers a sense of renewal, self-control, and harmony.

Blue – trustworthy, calm and peaceful. Often used in banking. Light blue can be relaxing, while dark blue can signify strength and reliability.  Calms and sedates. Cools. Aids intuition.

Purple – nostalgic, sentimental and sophisticated. Symbolizes wealth and luxury. Uplifts. Calms the mind and nerves. Offers a sense of spirituality. Encourages creativity.

Pink – dusty pink can be sentimental while vibrant pink symbolizes youthful energy. Stimulates energy, increases blood pressure, respiration, heartbeat, and pulse rate. Encourages action and confidence, but in a more calmer way than the red color.


Image by ErikaWittlieb from Pixabay

Brown – honesty and simplicity. Ofthe used to organic companies and can bring warmth and wholesomeness to designs.

White – simplicity and purity. Considered neutral, it conveys cleanliness and minimalism. Aids mental clarity. Encourages us to clear clutter or obstacles. Evokes purification of thought and actions. Enables fresh beginnings.

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Black – bold, powerful, classic, confidence and sophistication. Makes design feel edgier or elegant and is used for typography and other functional parts for neutrality. Makes one feel inconspicuous. Provides a restful emptiness. Evokes a sense of potential and possibility.

I have read many articles, which say that you shouldn’t use one or other color in design far too long. Like for example Lavanda purple because it calms and on a daily basis you will feel tired, but it is not true. I know people who have designed their bedroom in purple color and sill have sleeping problems. Or red can make you overactive, also not totally true.


Image by GregoryButler from Pixabay

Usually, we feel inside that we need one color more than the other, because of the lack of it in our own aura. So, if you are not active, the red color will give the needed amount of energy on a daily basis. And if you need to clear your head from bothering thoughts while working, you should use white color at your work desk. Bright purple and orange also can help at giving you creativity and powering up your imagination. Orange will be more for manual labor, but purple will help if you have to do intellectual work.

My advice is to listen to your heart and think what for is it needed. And yes, sometimes it is hard to decide about the colors, then it comes to multipurpose rooms. For example, I have one room and it is my bedroom and my workroom. And I think I did the job pretty well by combing different colors. I have light purple curtains. By bed the wallpaper is saturated pink/ purple, it changes color in different lighting. By my work desk, I have white wallcovering. Furniture is black with sandy orange-brown detailing, plus small detailing gold colored.

So, yes. There are no right and wrongs and you choose the way how to create your environment in which you live!

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