Choose a pet according to your zodiac sign

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If you decide to have a pet in your house, but have not yet decided on its appearance, then you can use these useful recommendations. This is the comparison of the types of animals with the characters of the zodiac signs. This one makes the task a lot easier!

The essence of the horoscope of animals comes down to the fact that a person of a certain constellation will not always be able to coexist with a certain animal due to the difference in temperament and character.


You will perfectly find a common language with dogs. However, not with everyone. You are active and energetic, which means that the dog must have the appropriate character. It can be a Labrador or a Dalmatian. Do not get fish and turtles, for you, these animals might start to seem too boring and passive.


You are calm, reasonable, but still, you love the originality. In the house, you will certainly be pleased with a chinchilla or a rabbit.


You love to talk and do not tolerate silence and loneliness, so the budgie, cockatoo or gray African parrot will be the ideal pet for you. These funny birds quickly memorize a huge number of words, and then not only repeat them, but they do it consciously and out of place.


Because of your emotionality, you are always used to taking care of someone. That is why small and defenseless pets are suitable for you: hamsters, mice, guinea pigs.

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You are encouraged to get a cat, it is desirable that it is energetic and is not suffering from longing when you are not nearby. Surprisingly, rats are also suitable for you. These brisk and active animals will become the best friends in your house.


You will not like vigorous and large animals. You love coziness and comfort in your house, so for you are suitable small and relatively calm dog breeds – dachshund and poodle. In addition, you will get along well with Siamese cats.


You appreciate beauty. You don’t care how much your pet eats, and how many slippers he has bitten. The beauty of the animal is what attracts you to your pet. Husky dogs are great for you. If the choice fell on a cat, then it may be a Persian breed.

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You do not like to devote much time to pets. It is important for you that something flickered under your feet and, at the right time, does not let you get bored. Therefore, it is better for you to have a hedgehog or ferret.


You tend to show love for all living things. For you are suitable animals that constantly need care and attention. These are hamsters, mice, as well as large breeds of dogs. Suitable for you are also parrots.


You will prefer animals that will strictly observe all the rules of living in your house. To do this, the beast must be trained. A great option for you would be a Doberman or German Shepherd.

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You will not pay much attention to your pets, so for you, it is recommended to start with the simplest breeds of cats and dogs.


You will get along well under one roof with animals that will have a calming effect on you. Animals according to your sign is aquarium fish, turtles, small dogs, rabbits. Your peace of mind will quickly recover next to these animals.

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