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Category: Spirituality

Financial horoscope for the week from April 15th to April 21st, 2019: you will benefit from an intuitive sense that promises success and profit!

This will be rather a tense week. On Monday, April 15th, the Sun – will make a double aspect to the Moon and Mars. At the same time, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, another astrological event is expected – the activation of Venus. The planets will turn into an active offense, which means that the initiative can be punished, and any efforts risk being not only in vain but also unexpected in the results.

Love horoscope for the week from April 15th to April 21st, 2019: open up your heart and make the first step

This week, many of you will fall under the influence of Venus and Neptune, which will affect the mood. In this regard, try to be careful in communicating with the opposite sex, in order not to inadvertently offend close people and potential companions of life with harsh statements. The influence of the planets will touch everyone in their own way.

The representatives of 5 Zodiac signs will be lucky in April 2019

April will please you not only with positive changes but also with new trends – obstacles and problems will leave the horizon, giving way to happiness. This month there are representatives of 5 Zodiac signs, which will be happier with the start of the new month. Will be able to find happiness, start a new project and let go the painful past.