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These 5 representatives of the zodiac, will be lucky this summer!

Summer is an amazing time of year, and in 2019 it will also be favorable in most aspects. Planets and stars will enhance such manifestations as pressure, energy, personal initiative, aggression, speeding up actions. This suggests that during the three summer months it will be the right time to make some kind of breakthrough in order to change your life, say goodbye to the negative and get out of misery. Everyone will be lucky, but some representatives – even a little more.

Money and career horoscope for the week from May 27th to June 2nd, 2019

This week the spring ends and long-awaited summer begins. For some, this week will be a time of relaxation, but most people will still have to solve problems and get involved in the business. It will be a very busy time for almost all Zodiac Signs because the planets are very positive now, and most importantly, they are active. Start the week by restoring order in the house in order to make its energy positive. This will attract even more luck and give you the opportunity to productively relax and work in native walls.

Love horoscope for the week from May 27th to June 2nd, 2019

This week it is important not to conceal a grudge against each other, but to get rid of it. Otherwise, you can stay in this state for quite a long time. When spring turns into summer, energy changes, a new dynamic appears, which is primarily reflected in the sphere of love and relationships. However, sudden luck is too early to expect: Venus is in Taurus, and he, as we know, does not like improvisations. Do not rush to make hasty decisions: approach everything slowly.

Is astrology a science?

Interest in astrology arose in ancient times and continues to this day. This is explained by the fact that people at all times wanted to know their fate and their purpose. However, many argue that astrology cannot be trusted since the data obtained on the basis of the location and movement of the stars are not scientific. Is it really? At the moment, this question torments not only ordinary people but also scientists.

Money and career horoscope for the week from May 20th to 26th, 2019

If you have ideas, bright initiatives or a desire to make money, you can begin to implement plans. For workaholics and all those who have accumulated business, there comes a great period. The week is suitable for business life, especially Tuesday when Mercury goes into the Gemini Sign, and the Sun will be in a favorable aspect with Neptune. Do not be shy about taking the initiative, to contact your superiors, and also to take up labor-intensive tasks.

Love horoscope for the week from May 20th to 26th, 2019

Difficult and saturated astrological events period ended. Venus entered the Sign of Taurus, and we are full of strength and desire to go forward. Nevertheless, it is worth refraining from active actions at the beginning of the week: Mars will make its own changes. This astrological picture suggests that starting something new is not recommended due to general trends. The end of May is more suitable for minor routine tasks, family issues, partner support.