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People born under the constellation of Cancer, have a subtle nature. They are rich in imagination and highly developed intuition. While interacting with society, Cancer always cares about what other think about them. They are subject to the influence of the surrounding world like no other. They are easy to offend, they are receptive to the views and words of people. This makes them vulnerable.

High impressionability and dependence on people’s opinions plays a malicious joke with Cancers. They are so sensitive that it sometimes leads to depression or to constant stress. From the pressure of the surrounding world, Cancers are saved only by their developed intuition, which often helps to avoid frustration and danger.

The mood of Cancers, like that of Gemini, is changeable. They are sad, they are having fun. However, whatever emotions Cancers show, they are all real. If Cancer laughs, then he really has fun. They do not play with their emotions and do not falsify their feelings. Cancers have an amazing feature to charge the surrounding people with their mood. If Cancers are having fun, then their environment is changing for the better.

Cancers are fully capable of capturing the emotional state of people with whom they are constantly in contact. A prolonged conversation with Cancers can cause inexplicable irritation or fatigue in the interlocutors. Themselves unwilling, Cancers affect the change of mood of people. It’s very difficult for people around them to be with Cancers in constant contact.

If Cancers have friends, then friendship promises to be long and strong. With friends, Cancers feel at ease, in their society they do not experience stress. Cancers know how to be friends and keep secrets. However, they themselves are not always able to fully open to another person. As a rule, Cancers are secretive. They rarely trust their experiences. Representatives of this sign endure all difficulties alone.

The increased sensitivity of Cancers can affect their health. Constant stress, uncertainty, loneliness can lead to prolonged depression or malfunction of the central nervous system. Particular attention Cancers should give to their daily routine. They need a healthy and strong sleep to regain strength. Cancers should take more seriously all the signals of their body, otherwise they are threatened with worsening of chronic diseases.

Also, Cancer is not recommended for frequent communication with mentally unbalanced people. Such contacts can adversely affect the nervous system of the Cancer. The most vulnerable parts of the body of Cancers: stomach, lungs, heart, head and kidneys.

Often, Cancers suffer from the fact that they make up their diet incorrectly. For Cancers, the optimal solution in food is the use of cereals and fish. In addition, Cancers are recommended daily to consume the following product range: apples, cherries, fish, walnuts, meat and eggs. Negatively affect the body of Cancers alcoholic beverages, fatty foods, sweets and dairy products.

People born under the constellation of Cancer, choose the industry that will be able to deliver them moral satisfaction. Whatever the work, they will not be embarrassed if it is interesting to them and meets all the requirements.

Often Cancers are tied to their work place. They quickly get used to the situation and colleagues. A good atmosphere and friendly staff is one of the important components in the work for Cancer.

Cancers often underestimate themselves. Because of this, their career is not always successful. They believe that achieving excellence in professional work will only come from perseverance and overwork. Cancers do not ascribe themselves to workaholics, it is unusual for them to work overtime. However, in work they are always organized, punctual and responsible.

Cancers are used to doing everything themselves. They rarely accept help from colleagues, but they themselves willingly help with advice and deed. Representatives of this sign of the Zodiac are not chasing after easy money. They are not inclined to financial adventures, believing that only increased labor and diligence can bring real earnings.

Professions that chooses Cancers, as a rule, always consist in interaction with people or the surrounding world. They are attracted by the breeding of animals and plants, they take up work related to trade and finance. In addition, Cancers feel great in the role of psychologists, doctors, scientists and artists.

Cancers are entrepreneurial spirits. They can be excellent businessmen. Thanks to intuition and rich imagination, Cancers are able to manage finances and make profitable deals. Of these, successful bankers and economists are obtained. Their perception of the surrounding world and intuition they apply for the benefit of themselves. Cancers are well developed eloquence, they are not afraid to speak in public.

To money Cancers are practical. Making money is not the main goal in life. The material benefits of Cancer are necessary in order to protect themselves and be independent. If you believe in astrological statistics, most millionaires on the planet are Cancers. Using their natural gift of forecasting and developed intuition, Cancers are able not only to earn a lot of money, but also to multiply them. They are characterized by savings.

Cancers do not like to spend money. To help financially friends or colleagues for them is also a problem. But Cancers are not at all stingy. They simply know the value of work, and also take their finances seriously. However, if the expenditures concern the family of the Cancer, then here they can be boundless. Representatives of this sign of the Zodiac strive to brighten up the lives of their relatives with money.

Correctly selected by the sign of the Zodiac stones will help Cancers to strengthen those qualities of personality that are necessary in achieving the goals. Strengthens intuition and helps to interact better with the surrounding world of the stone Topaz. Carrying it with you, Cancers will be able to fully apply their talents and features in work and personal life.

Moonstone will help Cancers to regain past relationships. This stone will protect the home and promote peace of mind and balance. In addition, the moonstone can remove fatigue from its owner and give it vitality. A stone is needed for people who are constantly stressed.

Beneficial effect on Cancers have emerald. It is a symbol of wisdom and purity. The bearer of such an amulet will always be under the protection of the forces of good. Emerald attracts fame, success and wealth. It also acts on the physical state. Emerald is great for fighting insomnia, strengthens the cardiovascular system and immunity in general. Also this stone is endowed with some magical properties. Its owner has the ability to foresee the future and think three steps forward.

Pearls are responsible for understanding Cancers with people and for family relationships. They are the guardian of harmony between spouses, strengthens marriage ties and is able to bring bright colors to family life. Also, this stone can protect from negative energy by ill-wishers. He pushes out envious words and glances directed towards the Cancers and cleanses his possessor of unnecessary anxieties and worries. Pearl is able to change the shade depending on the mood of its carrier. If the Cancers are sad, then the stone may darken.

Good luck and money for Cancers can bring personal talismans. For Cancers suitable talismans are made of silver or transparent stones. The shape and symbolism of the talismans must correspond to the inner world, the character and desires of the Cancers. For representatives of this sign of the Zodiac, it is preferable to carry with them images of a turtle, a crab, a cat or an owl. Also suitable for them are talismans with Buddhist motives. It can be statuettes, figurines and pendants with the symbols of an elephant, a lily, a lotus or a Buddha.

Special features can give a talisman in the form of a moon or a crescent moon. This talisman will help to find harmony with the surrounding world and with yourself, will provide protection from dark forces and negative energy.

Each sign of the Zodiac has its own characteristic color, which can enhance the positive qualities of its owner. For Cancers is suitable green. It helps Cancers to calm down, listen to their desires and cheers up. This color can remove aggression and cure migraines. It removes fatigue and irritability, contributes to the rapid restoration of forces.

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