Birth on Full Moon day: happiness or fate?

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The Moon has a strong influence on a human since birth. The position and phase of this planet will determine the whole future life of the newborn.

The dates of the Full Moon can be found in any lunar calendar, and the phase of the Moon can be determined independently:

  • The Growing Moon is easy to recognize by its outlines, similar to the letter “C”. This is a New Moon.
  • The Waning Moon has the same shape but is turned upside down.
  • And the Full Moon is the full visibility of the Moon.

What is the secret of the Full Moon and will birth bring luck in the Full Moon? There is a version that Jesus Christ rose precisely on the Full Moon. Buddha gained his strength also during this period. Of course, this has not been proven, but we can safely say that the most incredible events can occur on the Full Moon.

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As you know, the ancient priests and sorcerers waited for the Full Moon to perform important rites. According to numerous legends, during the Full Moon, witches flocked to the Sabbath, all the evil spirits came to life. This, of course, already comes from fiction. However, there is its own share of truth.

The Full Moon affects the emotions and feelings of people, as well as their physical condition. During the Full Moon, people often overestimate their capabilities, as the Full Moon gives an incredible surge of strength. During this period, people are not recommended to embark on adventures and take risks, since all decisions and actions will be made in a fit of emotional overflow. You should not set a date for the wedding for the Full Moon or enter into important contracts and agreements. Full Moon time is great for creative activities. The Moon enriches our brain with new ideas and contributes to their implementation.

Many believe that the Full Moon accounts for the majority of disasters, deaths, and killings. This is because this period gives rise to tension and emotional outburst.

The Full Moon has a special effect on the constellations of Pisces and Cancer. These zodiac signs are most affected by the satellite of the Earth. Representatives of these constellations especially feel the influence of the night luminary.

Birth on the day of the Full Moon promises a person a special disposition of fate towards him. All actions of a person born during this period are important. In his mind, there will always be a struggle between reason and feeling. After all, the principle of the Full Moon is that the Moon, which is responsible for emotions, enters into interaction with the Sun, which is responsible for logic and reason.

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People who were born on the Full Moon may have unusual features. As a rule, they have developed intuition. Among psychics and clairvoyants, there are many people born in this magical lunar period.

Those who have been born on the Full Moon should avoid stressful situations. Due to the strong influence of the Moon, they become more susceptible to the surrounding reality. Usually, these are vulnerable and sensitive natures.

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