Astroprognosis for November, 2018

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In November, retrograde Venus and retrograde Mercury will complicate life, moreover, so that it will no longer seem to us too boring and easy. Together with the November showers and frosts will come plenty problems. But the one who is warned is armed: if you try to live through the coming weeks without risk and major reorganizations, focusing on achievable goals, there is a real chance to spend November successfully and productively. In addition, Jupiter will emerge from the shadows, which at the beginning of the month will move to the constellation of Sagittarius. This planet protects mental and spiritual growth, which means that November will be very successful for education and self-improvement.


The best that Aries can do in November is to go on a trip. And not because in the familiar environment is something bad awaiting, but because later it will be difficult to wait for the same opportune moment for trips, new acquaintances and new impressions.

Good luck will wait for Aries outside the comfort zone, traveling, but this does not mean that the stars make them forget the general rule of November – it is advisable to postpone risky and important decisions at least until the 22nd. Between November 22nd and 30th, the Sun will be in the Sign of Sagittarius. Here the patron will get stronger and help Aries to achieve their goals. But in the rest of the time, it is advisable to look for new opportunities, make plans and “cast a fishing pole.”


For Taurus in November 2018, it is important to focus on those areas of life that do not require risk and will not be associated with the signing of long-term contacts or credit loans. The month is marked by the retro-phase of Mercury, which in itself hints that it is worth keeping a distance from important decisions and unjustified risks.

Mercury will be weakened. A special decline in activity will occur in the period from November 17th to 30th. The patron will start retrograde movement, which will cause a lot of inconsistencies and unrest in the financial sphere. The most unfavorable days are the 25th, 26th, 27th and 28th. These days, Mercury will enter into various astrological combinations that can hardly be called successful. During this period, Taurus should be as attentive as possible to their health and money, saving vitality and money.


In the coming month, Gemini will benefit and will be the only sign that retro Venus will promote in the field of love. However, it is best for them to refuse large expenses and transactions, especially from November 17th to 30th. This recommendation is due to the destructive energy of the patron Mercury, which at this time will enter the retro phase.

But the retrograde nature of Venus will turn Gemini into passionate lovers and sensitive parents. True, the attacks of sensitivity and emotionality will prevent them from making hard decisions too much. It is important that this month there should be those next to Gemini who will be able to direct them on the right path and will not let them show weakness. This may be a loved one, a good friend, a parent, or a spiritual mentor.



Cancer will spend a month in high spirits due to the transition of Jupiter in the sign of Sagittarius. From November 8th to 30th, Cancers will be able to attract positive changes in life and take advantage of all the opportunities that fate will bring. That’s because Jupiter will get stronger and neutralize the negative, giving the Cancers confidence in themselves and their abilities.

Ahead of cancer is waiting happy and pleasant moments. You will also be able to reconsider your views, re-prioritize and see a new path of development. Under the auspices of Jupiter, the Cancers will no longer limit themselves and will open up to change. In return, luck will smile upon them, and life will slowly begin to transform into the one they dreamed of.


Leo in November should slow down. The risk of failure caused by the retrograde movement of the planets will increase to the limit, so that not only gambling adventures or bold steps, but even trust in unfamiliar people and business partners are contraindicated to them – they may turn out to be fraudsters.

There is some good news: this month Leo will have creative energy and abstract thinking at its peak. If the Leo is not ready to devote the entire month to self-development and new hobbies, then astrologers advise them to at least choose for themselves more mundane, simple and uncomplicated tasks at work, in which it is not risk and dedication that are important, but perseverance and patience. It is also recommended to spend the second and third decades of the month in a close circle, devoting more time to relatives – this period will be extremely successful for strengthening relations.


In November 2018, the Virgo will be surrounded by pleasant and successful people who will bring new positive emotions, opportunities and success into their usual rhythm of life. Due to the heightened emotionality and temper caused by retrograde Venus, it is important for Virgos to learn to control emotions and restrain themselves. It is also important to avoid decisions made on emotions, and not to make any promises.

The beginning of the month will be pretty calm. There will be strength and desire to act. Astrologers report that, despite the powerful energy of the antagonist, Virgos will feel at ease. The main thing is not to give emotion to the move: until November 16th, Venus will be in the retro phase, which is fraught with problems caused by heightened emotionality. It is important to be collected and concentrated on one thing. If Virgos fill their heads with numerous questions and tasks, then the effectiveness of their efforts will be zero.



For Libra, a month comes when it will be most important to avoid illusions and remain realistic. The November fogs at this time will be not only outside, but inside as well – doubts, false thoughts, invented problems will be swum in the heads of Libra. Astrologers advise to be skeptical of such thoughts, especially since in November there is a high risk of becoming a victim of fraudsters. It is necessary to think rationally and not fall for the bait of unscrupulous people.

At the beginning of the month and up to the 16th, for Libra, is also extremely important to postpone any disputes and clarify the relationship. Due to retrograde Venus, they may begin to experience a lack of concentration, obsessive thoughts and negative emotions. Astrologers advise more walking in the fresh air, reading good books and talking only on light topics. After Venus moves to normal motion, the energy stabilizes – the illusions will disappear, and good luck and good mood will take their place. But all this is not earlier than November 16th.


For Scorpio, in the coming month will be very easy to learn new information, gain experience and skills. Such an opportunity cannot be neglected, especially if the Scorpios have long been planning to get a higher education, to master a new field of activity, or to learn a foreign language. Due to the fact that on November 8th Jupiter will go into the Sign of Sagittarius, the mental abilities of the Scorpios will increase. Self-education and self-development is exactly the direction in which representatives of this Sign need to invest their strength, time and resources.

In November, the Scorpios will have great potential, so it is advisable for them to make maximum efforts to demonstrate their abilities and talents to others. Soon, the new knowledge acquired in November will be useful to them both in their personal and professional life. The main thing is to be more practical and sensible, to try to extract the maximum benefit from each situation.


On November 8th, Jupiter will turn into the Sign of Sagittarius, and this always entails changes, the resolution of old problems and the creation of new reserves. Alas, this cardinal restructuring will take place against the background of other retro-planets, which makes it difficult for Sagittarius to make the most of the current successful situation. High probability of mistakes and failures will cloud even the most positive plans.

Astrologers advise Sagittarius not to lose heart and try to improve their lives a little differently. You should start with building plans, developing strategies and a small rehearsal. To continue – by rethinking your place in life, rearranging goals and objectives. And finish – the reformation and action. True, it will be impossible to fully implement the changes in November, but this does not mean that you should not try.


Representatives of the Capricorn Sign are careerists who set high goals and difficult tasks. November is no exception to the rule. Fortunately, the retrograde movement of the planets will not prevent Capricorn from creating their own destiny. The positive influence of Saturn, which is in their constellation, will block the negative influence of other planets. A month can bring many surprises in the form of situations, the result of which will depend not only on Capricorns, but also on the people around them.

In November 2018, it is important for people representing this sign to correctly draw up an action plan. The main weapon that allows you to see the result of decisions made and to predict events will be intuition. The sixth sense will help you find the right solutions and new ideas that will contribute to career moves and cash flow.



November for the representatives of Aquarius will be the month of material well-being and monetary success. Thanks to the stable energy of Mars, Aquarius has excellent career and business prospects. You will be able to achieve your goals, pamper yourself and your loved ones with new purchases and valuable acquisitions. Many representatives of this sign will be able to find additional sources of income, others will receive an increase in salary or one-time remuneration for the work well done. One way or another, fortune will be on the side of Aquarius, allowing them to improve their financial life.

The danger lies in the complex emotions caused by the retrograde nature of Mercury and Venus. Sensitivity is desirable to direct in a creative direction. This month, creativity and inspiration are valuable tools for making plans and fulfilling desires.


Pleasant emotions and positive events slightly mislead Pisces, if those, trusting false feelings, rush to storm career heights. In fact, self-confidence and the feeling of omnipotence can have the opposite effect. Time strengthened, but retrograde until November 16th, Venus is quite dangerous and contradictory. Surprisingly, luck does not give confidence, but a critical look at yourself and everything that happens around. So the beginning and the middle of November is still not the best period for major changes and fundamental changes.

Improve your life, or at least expand it to another, more pleasant course. Pisces will succeed in the period from November 16th to 30th. At this time, Venus will cease to be retrograde and allow changes to leak into the life of Pisces. Prepare for this, after getting rid of embarrassment, doubt and dissatisfaction with yourself.

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