Astrological nutrition and diet

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As you know, planets are able to influence the human body. To maintain body tone and immunity, it is necessary to choose the right diet, which corresponds to the zodiac sign. However, taking into account the recommendations on the right diet for your constellation, you still need to take into account the day of the week. After all, each day of the week corresponds to a certain planet-ruler, under which it is necessary to adjust your day.

Monday is ruled by the Moon. This planet, according to astrology, has an effect on the stomach. Do not overeat on Monday. In addition, fatty foods, salted foods, confectionery, and alcohol should be avoided. On this day, you should eat dairy products, cereals, and fruits.

The patron saint of Tuesday is Mars. This is the planet of strength, activity, and energy. On this day, a person usually spends a lot of energy. That is why on Tuesday it is recommended to eat foods high in protein. Meat, seasonings, onions, pickles, and legumes should be eaten. It is not recommended to lean on sweet and starchy foods.

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Mercury acts on Wednesday. This planet gives lightness and variety, therefore, food should be appropriate on this day. On Wednesday, salads and cereals are best. Vegetables and fruits will have a positive effect on the body. Avoid meat and dairy products.

Thursday is the day of Jupiter. This is the friendliest planet-ruler, so the diet can be quite free. Jupiter has an effect on the liver, so you need to use foods that have a beneficial effect on the work of this body part. You should not eat fatty foods and sweets on Thursday. Exclude also potatoes. Try to eat choleretic products: olive and sunflower oils, tomatoes, spinach, carrots, whole grain cereals.

Venus rules Friday. On this day, the body perceives sweets and fatty foods better, so for those who like to treat themselves to such dishes, while maintaining their shape and health, Friday is a gift of fate! You need to avoid seafood, meat, and spicy dishes.

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Saturday is under the auspices of Saturn. On this day, it is necessary to observe special strictness in the diet. Try to consume more foods rich in calcium and phosphorus: nuts, cabbage, dried fruits, cheese, cottage cheese, and others. On this day, exclude spicy, smoked and fried foods from the diet. Special care should be taken with alcohol.

Sunday is ruled by the Sun. This day can be considered unloading. The Sun provides energy and strength, activates all the functions of the body and contributes to the good absorption of any food. Therefore, on Sunday you can afford to relax and enjoy the taste of your favorite dishes.

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