Astrological forecast for November, 2019

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Astrological forecast for November will tell you where to look for luck, what to hope for and what to strive for this month.

The astrological forecast tells that November will be a very bright and incredibly important month because, at this time, sharp changes in the energy of the planets are expected. Many of these changes will be positive, which can be regarded as a gift of fate for the upcoming winter.


The first half of the month will be very calm and measured for you. The only source of trouble maybe the people around you – envious or simply negative. After communicating with them, it is advisable to restore energy as quickly as possible so as not to incur problems and not to fall into apathy. The stagnation period will last until November 19th. On November 19th, Mars will dramatically change, changing the Sign, which will have a very positive effect on your mood and luck. The red planet will help you find a new motivation, become more optimistic, cheerful, bolder. In late autumn, you will be able to gain all that you have lost over the past couple of months. It will be an extremely productive time.


The first day of November will be ordinary and inconspicuous, but starting from November 2nd, you can expect a lot of bright emotions, good luck and a sharp change in energy, caused by dramatic changes in the mood of stars and planets. Destructive energy will be replaced by creative. This will happen very sharply, so November 2nd will be a day of little chaos for many of you. A very favorable period will last until November 25th. Then a pleasant calm will come. The only important recommendation for the final stage of the fall is extreme caution in communicating with others. Venus in Capricorn at the end of autumn means that it is time to undertake hard work and not to postpone anything for later.

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From November 1st to 19th, inclusive, you can expect an unusual period. Unexplained things will happen around you. You should not go on long trips at this time. If you have to break this rule, then on the way you need to be extremely careful and collected. Starting from November 20th, stars will help you to resume movement in the usual direction. The end of the month will be very productive for all walks of life. You should communicate more with romantic and loving people because such people will be a source of warmth and care for you.

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You can expect to have one of the calmest periods. During this period, you will experience a sharpening of intuition. The sixth sense will be active constantly so that in difficult situations you can rely on your inner voice. In general, the first half of the month will be nicer than the second. This means that you should not be indifferent to important matters, to work. In late autumn, internal problems may worsen, motivation may disappear. You need to pay less attention to rumors and gossip, as well as not throw things halfway to success. Many minor problems and troubles will be solved by themselves, so sometimes patience will be the only condition for success.


For you, November will be a logical continuation of October. The energy of stars and planets will be identical to the end of the previous month, but on November 22nd it will change sharply to the opposite and very positive. The end of autumn for you will be a magical time in which cherished dreams can come true. Experiences will leave, positive thoughts will come, a desire to work, love, have fun will appear. The very end of November will be an ideal time for spiritual searches and for working on yourself. Useful tips will help you to become better, gain motivation and continue your journey with maximum enthusiasm. Perhaps the time has come to change priorities, set new goals.

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You will have a hard time in the first half of the month, but even at this time, the law of attraction will work, which means that you should never lose confidence and optimism. November 20th, everything will return to square one, and until this happens, you will need to rest more. Nerves and stress will become the main enemy of success and good luck. To relieve stress will help shopping, a change of scenery, new friends, romance. Even household chores in this sense will be a great helper. Try to have in any business a backup plan, because, in the first half of the month, many things can be broken for unknown reasons. Also, do not talk about your plans with others. Let everything remain a secret.

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From November 2nd to 25th you can expect great luck in the love sphere. At this time, the planets and stars will become as creative as possible. The world will be transformed for you, you will have new opportunities, fears will disappear, you will be able to fight your worst character traits. There will be a chance to meet a nice person, find love or take existing relationships to a new level. In the financial sector, you can also expect victory and a lot of positive, because you will be full of energy and strength, confidence and desire to work. After November 25th, there will come a time of peace and quiet, in which you can continue to move in the same way or relax a bit. It is better to focus on personal problems and learn to say no to others.


Financial flows in November will become more active for you. This will happen on November 19th due to positive energy changes caused by the transition of Mars to a more favorable position. The end of November is ideal for shopping, working, starting new businesses, implementing business ideas. In the first half, it is better to take up your direct duties and avoid risks in every way. It is possible that in November you will be able to implement your long-standing plans. There is still a risk of making a mistake, however, any troubles should be perceived as an integral part of success. There can be no happy future without mistakes because they teach us useful things and help us become wiser.

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Something very important is coming into your life. This is evidenced by the approaching changes in the position of stars and planets. Until November 26th, inclusive, everything will remain in place. On November 27th, Neptune will cease to be retrograde, which will affect your mood and luck and in the most positive way. Such a change will be the beginning of the struggle against difficulties, will make it possible to become more productive and positive. In November, you need to start moving towards a dream, no matter what it costs. Laziness and procrastination will interfere, but they can be dealt with using the right motivation.

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You should only communicate with positive people. In many matters, intuition will become useful, which will become aggravated on November 19th, when stars and planets become more creative. The end of autumn will show you how right you have chosen the path. We all make mistakes, but we don’t always quickly find them and realize their consequences. You will be able to discern some flaws in your worldview and behavior, which will help you succeed in business and in love and become much happier.


The brightest and most unusual days for you can be November 7th, 8th, and 9th. Stars and planets will be quite active, which will increase the emotional background. In general, November will be a time of laziness and apathy. Try to gain inner strength to overcome the problems that are provoked by the energy stagnating stars. On November 27th, everything will change for the better, so at the beginning of winter a new, grandiose period will begin, in which it will be much easier for you to interact with people. In the last days of November, you can talk more with family, friends, soulmates. Try to visit parents, as well as do household chores.


For you, November will be one of the best and most productive months. Throughout all thirty days, you can expect luck, love, warmth. This is due to positive changes in the position of Venus and Neptune. You can expect a pleasant acquaintance. This is a very good time for everyone who is looking for a soulmate. Also, success awaits those who want to focus only on work. This is an ideal time for creative activity, for intellectual work in general. You can devote part of November to vacation, a change of scenery.

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