Astro forecast for May 2018

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A lot of changes await us in May, so be prepared for them.

In May, astrologers mark a lot of future changes. The most important of them is the fateful transition of Uranus from the Sign of Aries to the Taurus Sign on May 15th. This is an incredible event, since in Aries this planet lasted about a year. Do not think that this is a long time, because in summer Uranus will become retrograde, and in spring or winter return to the Aries Sign. Taurus is not strong, but it will quite noticeably weaken the planet. This means that a period of emotional freedom will begin, but mental stagnation. Conclusion – start thinking about vacation. The impact of the planets will not be lightning, not spontaneous, but very noticeable from the 15th.

May 17th, Mars will pass into the sign of Aquarius, but will remain as strong as possible. On the 19th, Venus will become moderately active due to the transition to Cancer. This will increase the total energy reserves of each person. May 15th, Mercury will be in Taurus, but will retain a moderate strength. As for the Sun, it will remain stable, in spite of the standard transition to Gemini on the 21st. The moon will be strong from May 7th to May 19th, the rest of the time will experience weakness.

Aries will manage to get rid of illnesses and establish harmony in May. It will be a very important time for those of you who know how to pull themselves together. Hikes to doctors will be very productive. This is especially true for dentists. This will be a great time for diets, for abandoning bad habits. This is all a consequence of the strengthening of Venus, which gives you self-confidence, but in general is negative towards you. You can completely lose your intuition, you can become very much prone to fatigue. Your inconsistency will also play a cruel joke with luck.

Taurus should pay attention to the weakness of the moon at the beginning and end of May. Such a situation for you can only mean one thing – do not plan important cases for these periods. In mid-May your productivity will be increased. Leave life principles alone – you will not have to change anything. Uranus, which will weaken on May 15th, will make you feel the negative energy of this world. You will become a little less nervous, inflated. You will want justice, but you can not find it. At least not now, but little later.

You can fulfill the desire that you have in priority, in May, but only until the 15th. Of course, then you too will be capable of this, however Uranus will become weak, which will affect your fortune. The fact is that weakening of this unusual planet entails a decrease in your communication skills. Unfortunately, many questions you have to solve alone. To get acquainted with new people will be much more difficult, because in you will be seen worse positive qualities. If you are now in search of a soul mate, then the search will not bring the desired result at the same level of impact. You’ll have to raise it.


Use your favorite talisman stones to normalize the energy flows around your aura. Silver jewelry will also come in handy. If you do not have stone-charms, you will have to purchase them. Try this already in the first half of May. They will help you become more protected and lucky. Uranus will weaken the grip, increasing your curiosity, intelligence. The “speed” of thoughts will be a little higher. The adoption of important decisions will accelerate somewhat. Do not be afraid of difficult tasks, because your time begins. From May 15th, be on the front line.

Lions luck is in the creative endeavors. This is how Uranus will affect you, because it will weaken from the 15th day, expanding your horizons. Feel free to start new things and look for new hobbies. In love, this too will have a positive response – you and your other half can find out if you are right for each other. On the other hand, Venus will be stronger on May 19th. This will lead to a loss of diplomacy on your part. Life will be a little more difficult for those of you who do not know how to make concessions. Problems with money will begin for those who do not know how to spend them correctly. Don’t take loans, nor give them – it’s dangerous at the end of May.

Your main virtue is judiciousness. You can flash, but very rarely go beyond the permitted. To keep everything in its place, do not rely only on one good luck. Try to remember that Uranus can not support you the way it used to. Since May 15th, his strength will fall, so random luck will not come to you so often. Accidents will become less positive for you, so do not expect that all problems will go away on their own. In the middle of May, a strong Moon will allow you to double your chances of winning in any of the spheres of life. Until May 15th, Uranus will still be positive for you in every sense.

It will be an extremely positive period of time for you, because the Sun will remain calm and moderate, despite the transition to the Gemini Mark. Most importantly – Venus will become stronger because of the transition to the constellation of Cancer. Life will become more pleasant in everything, especially in the affairs of the amorous, because you can find love. Your sexual energy will increase, and the energy potential will become powerful. Probably, you will want to work, cooperate, love, adore, listen to music, watch movies, enjoy life. You will become yourself again, but until that moment, remain calm and careful. The first half of the month will be difficult.

Scorpio will have a little more time to think about the past and think about the future. Do business planning, as well as self-analysis. Your mistakes must be sorted out right now, in May, while the stars and planets accompany the increase of intellectual activity. Uranus will weaken on the 19th. This means that the revolutionary spirit will weaken slightly. Along with this, emotions will also disappear. You will have an inspiration, a feeling of inner emotional fullness. Do not change the value system in the first half of the month. The first couple of weeks adhere to the previously developed plans. Avoid jealousy in a loving and friendly relationship.

Sagittarians need a little more time to tune in to a positive mood. This is due to the fact that all changes will occur with negative space objects. The moon will be weak at the beginning and end of May. These will be incredibly positive days. From 1st to 7th and from May 19th until the very end of the month you should work as much as you can. You will be able to become stronger in all senses. Weakened in Taurus Uranus will help you avoid trouble in the second half of May. Until the 15th, try to be as prudent and diplomatic as possible. Experiences will come to a new level, if you do not extinguish them in time.

The energy situation in May will be quite stable for you, but in the period of the strong Moon from 7th to 19th it is better not to try to change its principles. Financial flows and love success will depend directly on how confident you are of your abilities. The fact is that now nothing is impossible. There are only you and your needs, which must somehow be satisfied. Be yourself and do not try to resist the will of strong Uranus until May 15th. After the 15th, life will begin to acquire quite pleasant colors.

Vengeful Aquarius learns its weakness in May and will see a lot of negativity from the surrounding environment. Your negativity will be felt for a kilometer, because the Sun is still stable, and it will remain so for another 2 months. On the other hand, you will become more active due to the increased energy of Venus. Your life can change very much in a positive direction at the end of the month, when Uranus will become weaker. His power will make everything around you more pleasant. Life will become more vivid and independent, and also non-standard. It will be manifested, first of all, in small things.

You will be able to know your future. More precisely, feel it with all the fibers of the soul. In May all your experiences will become clear, which can break out. Your complexes and fears will make themselves felt in difficult situations. All this will be peculiar only in the second half of May. In the first half, Uranus will still be moderately active, therefore, until the 15th, it is necessary to keep the desire to work and prosper in everything. Then you have to rely more on the help of the environment. Collective work is the key to success at the end of the month. Changing the situation will also do you good.

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