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Aquarius has a dual character.

On the one hand, the people of this constellation have a strong nature, which manifests itself in them through the desire to destroy stereotypes and fight for freedom. On the other hand, Aquarius is characterized by melancholy and pessimism. They combine strength, activity and gentleness, passivity.

Aquarius is characterized by a critical attitude towards traditions and authorities. They do not like to follow the rules and restrictions that exist in society. Aquarians see this as a limitation of their freedom. They always try to express their opinion, but do not try to impose it on anyone. They also do not accept pressure from people. In relations with people, representatives of this sign of the Zodiac are always friendly and responsive. They easily tie new acquaintances, they have many friends. However, as a rule, there are not many close people to Aquarius. They know how to be friends and keep secrets. Aquarians like to be in society, but sometimes they need to be alone to bring their thoughts in order.

Aquarius is hard to understand. Sometimes they commit such acts, which is shocking to others. Aquarians are people of the future. Therefore, they are very different from other signs of the Zodiac. They strive to make the world a better place, believe in ideals and fight for equality and freedom. Aquarians do not tolerate lies and flattery. They always tell the truth and demand it from others.

They are not characterized by the race for material values. People of this constellation prefer to live modestly, but with comfort. Their life values ​​are love, freedom, respect, equality and friendship.

Aquarians are very impressionable and sensitive. This feature affects their nervous system, which leads to stress and anxiety. The main problem of Aquarius is that it is difficult for them to relax and let go of unnecessary thoughts. They are recommended to be more often in the fresh air and surrounded by close people. Calmness and harmony Aquarius can find, being in complete solitude. Solitude saves them from emotional outbursts and despondency.

Vulnerabilities in the body of Aquarius – legs, blood vessels and heart. Often representatives of this constellation suffer from varicose veins and seizures. They are recommended to be more often in nature and perform a set of physical exercises. For Aquarius is useful a foot massage. This procedure helps them not only to relax, but also to get rid of diseases.

Usually Aquarius does not attach importance to their diet. They are not recommended to use spicy and fatty foods. The menu Aquarius should include dairy products, fruits (especially useful citrus fruits), vegetables and seafood. In the daily diet of people of this constellation must be present foods containing calcium and vitamin C.

Aquarius has versatile talents, so they can prove themselves in almost any field of activity. The main thing for Aquarius in work is an opportunity to show initiative, make decisions and apply one’s abilities to the cause.

Choosing a place of work, Aquarians are guided by several factors. They are interested in a friendly atmosphere in the workplace, freedom of action and respect. Representatives of this constellation do not tolerate restrictions and strong pressure from the commander. Their freedom and high demands on the workplace lead to the fact that Aquarians often change their place of work. In general, Aquarians can spend their entire lives searching for themselves and finding their calling only in old age.

Aquarius-subordinates actively show themselves at work, easily take on new projects and achieve success. However, to Aquarius entirely devoted to work, they need to be as interested as possible. In the team they behave in a friendly, never go against the truth and always fight for justice. They easily find a common language with colleagues and are always ready to help.

Aquarius occupying leading positions is always open to subordinates. With colleagues, they communicate on an equal footing and their requirements, as a rule, are not high. Aquarius-chiefs will encourage those subordinates who work conscientiously and do not weave intrigues.

Representatives of this sign of the Zodiac may be approached by such fields of activity as art, television, physics, mechanics, aviation and archeology. In these industries, they will be able to satisfy their passion for experimentation, research and the acquisition of new knowledge. Aquarius tend to seek like-minded people. If they create something new, they always need the support of the person concerned. However, it is not always possible for Aquarians to find associates, as their ideas, as a rule, are very unusual and not always understood by most people.

The only sphere of activity that Aquarians should not be considered is the sphere of services. Monotonous and routine work is also not suitable for Aquarius.

To money, Aquarians are extremely irresponsible. Having received a large sum of money, they can drop it in a couple of days, without worrying about tomorrow. They are wasteful and not economical. Aquarians do not tend to accumulate and increase their savings. Representatives of this constellation live one day and are guided by this rule and with respect to their finances.

All the purchases they make under the influence of emotions. If Aquarius does not have the mood to buy something, then he will not tempt fate and make a purchase some other time. They are driven by spontaneity and feelings. Money for Aquarius is almost nothing. People of this constellation are used to orientate themselves on spiritual values, and not on material values.

Aquarians own stone-charms, which have a special impact on their fate, nature and health. Stones for this constellation are garnet, amethyst, aquamarine, quartz and zircon.

Red garnet brings good luck to active and energetic Aquarians. It gives them a cheerful spirit and contributes to the rapid restoration of energy. Green pomegranate attracts good luck in love and friendship, and also gives a good mood and enhances efficiency.

Amethyst symbolizes tranquility and peace of mind. He gives his possessor emotional balance and brings his thoughts in order. This stone is recommended to be worn by those Aquarians who dedicated their lives to sports. Amethyst gives vitality and develops willpower.

Aquamarine will help Aquarians in friendship and in relationships with surrounding people. This stone is able to have a beneficial effect on the body. It relieves stress, tension and drives away troubling thoughts.

Quartz develops penetration and intuition in Aquarius. He gives a good disposition of spirit and does not let his owner lose heart even under the most difficult circumstances. This stone protects from dangerous situations, shields from ill-considered actions and decisions. It should be worn by those Aquarians who are constantly at risk and playing with fate. A quartz of pink color brings happiness and love to the family. It is also necessary for those who are not confident in their abilities and often fall into depression. Pink quartz should be worn by Aquarians, who are engaged in art. This amulet can enhance creativity and give inspiration and new ideas.

Zircon gives Aquarius optimism, self-confidence and determination. It strengthens health and strengthens memory. This stone is recommended to be worn by Aquarius, whose profession is associated with exclusively intellectual work.

Each sign of the Zodiac also has its own talismans. For Aquarius, there are talismans that fully reflect their essence. The key and the icon are the most effective talismans for the representatives of this constellation. Aquarius can not live without faith, movement and direction. These talismans can help them in the knowledge of the world, find their way in life, believe in themselves and find the meaning of existence. Another talisman that fits Aquarius is an angel. He will serve as a protector from dangers and ill-wishers. He gives the owner intuition, wisdom and faith in himself.

Colors of Aquarius – blue. Blue color characterizes Aquarius as deep and wise people, able to feel and express their emotions. This color defines in the character calmness and harmony. The blue color symbolizes lightness and ease. He gives representatives of this constellation community, patience, activity and energy.

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