8 things to which the man pays attention while being in women’s apartment

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Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

When you get into your boyfriend’s apartment for the first time, you may notice if he has a lot of dirty dishes in the sink, hangs towels in the bathroom or throws them on the floor.

But what are the first things men pay attention to in a woman’s apartment? That’s what they say themselves.

1. Your bed.

Strange, yes? Many men noted that they pay attention to the order on the bed, evaluate her comfort – they say, it also speaks about what level of comfort a girl chooses, and, of course, represent how comfortable she will sleep with you.

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2. Your photos.

The man looks at who is depicted in the photo, hanging in your house, trying to find out your circle of friends and sphere of interest.

3. Clean the kitchen.

Yes, men also watch if you have washed the dishes, how clean it is in the kitchen as a whole.

4. Your pets.

Do you like cats or dogs? Or maybe you have a more exotic little animal? Is your pet well maintained? How joyfully do it meet him? The man knows that it is also important for him to get along with your pet in order to please you.

5. Things of your ex.

If you have your ex’s shoes or shirt, the new man will notice. And that might scare him away.

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6. Condoms.

On the one hand, it seems to be good that the girl thinks about contraception, but for many men, it may even put her on the alert: can she really so often bring men into her house?

7. His things.

A man pays attention to the things that he has forgotten at your apartment. If you put them in a separate box, freeing it for him, he realizes that you are serious. And if you put them in a bag to give him at the next meeting, you need more space.

8. What’s in your fridge?

Men also want to know the preferences of their girls in food and beverages, especially alcohol.

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