8 phrases that stop annoying storytellers form talking

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

I think we all have been in this situation, in which you are listening for hours someone talking, without a possibility to stick in a word. And the moment you think the person will stop talking, he keeps going on. Everything would be fine if the information would be interesting or useful to you. 

So, what to do in this situation. Lucky for you, I have found a solution in 8 phrases, which will make everyone go silent.

  • Do you mind cooling down for a minute? Let me insert at least a word.
  • When one person speaks while others are silent, it seems that you are talking to a mirror.
  • I beg you to shut up because my brains are already boiling from your eloquence.
  • Do not make me interrupt you. I can also talk without stopping.
  • Silence is gold. Are you really so scarce that you cannot control your verbal diarrhea?
  • While you are shouting here, I will allow myself to leave, so as not to collapse from the furious flow of information.
  • When you shut up, my hair will turn gray. So let’s short.
  • We already understand everything. So allow silence, giving half a word to the rest.

But remember, use these phrases in a manner not to offend anyone. While stating them be calm but firm.

Using these phrases every time you meet with someone, who just can’t stop talking and bragging about their life, will economy your valuable time for something more important.

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