8 mistakes due to which a woman loses a man

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There are some things that women do rather unconsciously, but this greatly harms their relationship with a man. Here are 8 mistakes that you need to realize in yourself and change.

1. A woman who is afraid of being alone.

If you stay in a relationship, simply because you are afraid to be alone, it will lead to disaster. Your man will notice this, and nothing good will come of it. You should be in a relationship because you love this man, not because you are afraid of loneliness.

2. A woman who is too actively running after a man.

These are men who want to run after a woman. That they need to feel the taste of the chase. Of course, you do not have to build yourself out of reach, especially if you are interested in a man. But do not lay down in front of him. Keep your dignity and know your worth. And he will like it. Decent men are not interested in women with low self-esteem.

3. A woman who does not want to make an effort in a relationship.

You should also try for a relationship. If you are not interested or bored, your man will stop doing something for you and will leave. He wants to see what makes his woman happy, that she reciprocates his feelings.

4. A woman whose happiness depends on a man.

At the same time, a man does not want all the happiness of a woman to depend only on him. Your life itself should be your meaning and happiness, regardless of who you are in a relationship with. A man and any person will be afraid of such responsibility for someone’s happiness.

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5. A woman who secretly hates men.

If you have too sharpened feminist principles, if you think that all men are goats, your man will feel it too. Maybe your feelings are justified because of a bad experience in the past, but you need to understand that it is impossible to generalize all.

6. A woman who is too independent.

A man wants to take care of you. Yes, you can be strong and independent, to achieve your goals. And he likes it. But let him indulge you, help you sometimes with problems. So he will feel that you need him, that he is important. If you do not give him such an opportunity, it will affect his self-esteem.

7. A woman who has no life other than relationships.

Do not forget your interests and friends when you have a man. No matter how crazy you are about him. No man can bear the pressure of being the only aspect of a woman’s life.

8. A woman who really wants a wedding and children.

Relax, do not rush the future. Yes, you can discuss your perspectives. It is even good to plan and prepare. But do not push the man, do not force him to this.

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