7 things that smart people do differently to find love

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Finding the right person in love is POSSIBLE, but in order to do it at the right time and right place, smart people know a few secrets. Here’s what they do differently.

1. They purposefully think about what they want.

Do you want an extrovert or introvert, smart or stupid, sporty or with a tum? You can even put it all on the list to better determine the type of man you want to see next to you.

According to research, the top 3 characteristics that people look for in a potential partner are kindness and attentiveness, an interesting personality and mind.

2. They work on themselves and become the kind of person they want to see next.

If you want an attractive, confident and healthy man, make sure that you yourself are the same.

3. They expand the circle of communication.

Your chances of finding love are reduced if you communicate with only one group of people. Expand your social circle, even for those with whom you usually have nothing to do, for those who have other interests and hobbies. Do not be afraid to go on several dates at once – you are not obliged to anyone until you have met your man.

4. They are interested in the opinions of their friends and relatives.

When friends consider your partner a smart choice for you, this is a good indicator. Smart people, of course, understand that sometimes family opinions can be biased because they need to be treated with skepticism. But still.

Studies show that couples are happier in which wives are younger and less educated than men. Unfortunate, but true.

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5. They focus on their needs, and then their desires.

First, make sure that the potential partner can meet your needs. So do all the smart people. What do you really need to be happy? Attention and time, respect for your personal space or gifts and physical contact? A person who can satisfy your needs is a smart choice.

6. They keep their emotions under control.

Love is good, but it can change and develop. What you will feel for your partner in 5 years is not what you feel for him now. Often passionate love turns into companionship and deep affection. Do not rush to be led by your emotions. First, understand what you feel.

7. They listen to intuition.

The inner voice is a powerful tool that tells you if you are on the right path. There is no worthy substitute for the feeling that everything is correct or that something is wrong. Trust the intuition.

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