7 things on the women’s page on the web what men hate

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Image by Alexey Klen from Pixabay

No one can tell you what you have to post on your page on the network. But there are certain things that are best avoided, especially if you want to attract a good man.

Here’s what they usually do not like on women’s pages.

1. Quotes or songs hinting at your quarrel.

Do not leave significant and philosophical posts after you had a falling out. Men do not like it. It is somehow embarrassing that now everyone will guess what is being said.

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2. Quarrels with others.

If you comment on someone’s posts or argue with people you don’t even know, the man will just roll his eyes. He decides that you are so scandalous also at home. You do not have to agree with everyone in everything, but you don’t have to challenge anyone’s opinion and impose yours.

3. Candid photos.

And when men start commenting on them, you get angry. What kind of hypocrisy? If you do not want people to discuss your body, do not post candid shots.

4. Opinion with which he does not agree.

If you have the opposite opinion on politics or religion, a man may decide not to mess with you, as long as it is a crucial moment for him. But this is not a call to hide your opinion. In this case, you are still not compatible.

5. A lot of selfies.

This only shows that you have low self-esteem, and you crave attention. Men feel despair for miles and do not want to have anything to do with it.

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6. Correspondence with another guy.

If you constantly comment on a photo of your ex, or he regularly writes something on your page (and you answer), it can hurt your current man. At the very least, it will cause questions.

7. Many identical photos.

Yes, maybe your cat and charm, but do not need to upload one hundred identical photos with him. Nobody will watch them anyway, but it is annoying100%.

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