7 situations in which you should not say “I love you”

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Image by Adina Voicu from Pixabay

“I love you” – these three words carry the whole universe of feelings and emotions. But, unfortunately, most people utter this phrase, not realizing how strong it is and how it can affect.

Please be careful when you confess your love. Read this article, so you do not regret.

Of course, saying “I love you” is only needed if you are sure that you feel it. Never lie about your love and do not take anyone’s feelings for granted.

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But sometimes there are situations where you just want to confess to a person in love. STOP! Think first. If this is one of the following situations, then it is better to refrain from admitting:

1. You are drunk.

Alcohol is not the best friend, especially with regard to romantic gestures. When you confess your love, especially for the first time, it must be special, not drunk. Otherwise, it casts doubt on your sincerity and diminishes the value of these words.

2. You have just recently completed a past relationship.

You are vulnerable, you are sad, your heart is broken. You have just completed a long relationship in which you have invested your soul, but everything did not turn out the way you wanted. You are lost because your future plans depended largely on those relationships, and now you are at a crossroads.

Of course, you want to feel again someone close, but do not rush. You can start a new relationship, but don’t be in a hurry to quickly open up to a person and even more so confess to him in love.

3. Your partner has only recently completed a long relationship.

The same goes for your partner. Most likely, the person is not yet ready for new truly serious relationships. Do not put pressure on him with your confessions. Maybe everything will work out for you, but you don’t need to hurry. Give him time to let go of the past.

4. Your partner has recently experienced a tragedy.

If a person is experiencing family problems, failure at work or the death of a loved one, no need to console him with your declarations of love. It will not be sincere, but out of pity. Especially not worth doing when you say “I love you” for the first time.

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5. You just started dating.

It would be foolish to become so attached to a person whom you are just beginning to recognize. You need to spend a lot of time together to understand exactly whether this person is worthy of your love and how true your feelings are.

6. You have the wrong expectations from declarations of love.

When you say “I love you” for the first time, make sure that you do not expect anything after that. Maybe a person will answer you the same, but you should not expect it from him. Just like no major change in relationships. Expectations lead to frustration. And your recognition should not bind your partner to anything.

7. You feel you have to say it.

You should never feel such pressure. When you say “I love you” for the first time, it must be sincere, just because you want it, not because you have to.

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