7 favorite phrases of men and what they mean

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Men who are insincere with you usually resort to some standard cliche phrases, just to hang noodles on your ears. But you are an intelligent woman, you know how to tell the difference between lies and truth, and this is what these phrases really mean.

1. “It’s not about you, but about me.”

So he does not want you to remember him as a complete asshole because trying to mitigate the situation when your relationship comes to an end. The funny thing is that this is true: the thing is really in him, not in you. But in his head, he says so just to ostensibly make the strike easier for you.

2. “I’m just very busy right now.”

He is ready to meet only when he wants to have sex, but when you try to develop relationships into something real and serious, just offering to meet without sex, he suddenly becomes very “busy.”

3. “I thought we had fun.”

Another excuse when you become “too serious” or “too intrusive”, trying to determine the status of your relationship. If you had so much fun, why doesn’t he really want to be a couple? Such an answer only says that you will never become his girlfriend. He was satisfied with your lovers status.

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4. “You are not like the others” / “I have never met such a girl.”

This is just a pick-up phrase. He says it, just to make you feel special, and not because he feels that way. Next time tell it that you are the same as the other girls because we are all beautiful!

5. “You’re the one I would marry.”

This is not a bad phrase, only if it is not already said on the first dates. Then this is also just a way to get you into sex.

6. “Let’s not hurry.”

Of course, you can tolerate his inconsistency and inability to make plans, what he writes to you only at night, and then disappears for a few days… if you’re an idiot. The guy who “does not want to rush”, who, so that “everything goes by itself” does not plan anything serious with you. You are comfortable for him, and when you stop being like that, he will leave you.

7. “I am afraid of obligations.”

No, not afraid. If he is a mature man, then he will struggle with his insecurity, especially for the woman he loves.

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