6 signs that this is not love, but only a blind hobby!

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Are you not sure if you really love this person or are you just blindly carried away by a person? This can confuse you!

The difference between passion and love is that hobby is a short-lived passion for someone, whereas love is a deep affection for a person who passes the test of time. The problem is that hobby is a strong feeling that can make you think that you are in love.

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1. you know each other too short period

I know people who said that they are in love in a few days. But after a few months they were thinking that they hated everything in this person, which means that at one time they did not spend enough time to get to know a person better.

Love takes time to develop. This requires closeness, which requires attachment to someone.

Love is an acquaintance with someone who has already developed a certain relationship. You can feel affection for them, but if you do not spend time developing a close bond, then this attachment is more likely to come from passion than from true love.

2. you are focused on what you want from him and from the relationship

Some people enter into relationships and already imagine how they meet, marry, have children and move to a tropical island after retirement.

They describe everything in detail, including some small events, and the way they fall in love with each other more and more.

But these people are focused on their future with this person only from their point of view, and not from the point of view of another person. If you see your relationship exclusively from your point of view, then this is more a hobby, not a love.

Love is the knowledge of what the other person wants in life, and work on common goals. It’s not just about meeting only your needs and expectations.

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3. you feel that you won the lottery

Being enthusiastic is similar to the fact that you just won the lottery. You can not believe it, and all you can concentrate on is that you won the lottery.

If it was necessary, you could skip work, boycott friends, do not communicate with family members and do something else that you need to just take this money. All this just distracts attention when it comes to that you can not distract your mind.

True love is not like that. Love makes you want to create a better life for yourself in all areas. You become a better friend, an even more loving person, more committed to your career and even more willing to make your life successful.

4. you feel that you know everything about him

When you are in this state, when you feel that you know everything about your partner, but in fact you do not know anything, you are in a state of passion.

If you think you know what makes them such people, what they are, and what they want from their lives, you did not actually sit down and talked to them about all these things!

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5. you become very jealous

If someone talks to the person you meet, you instantly become jealous. You want to show everyone, including yourself, that he is yours. This jealousy is a sign of blind fascination.

6. you can not wait until you take the next step

A hobby is when you want everything to be now! You want them to love you and be devoted to you, that they were your only and unique, because you are afraid that you will lose them, if it will not be so!

But love does not work that way. Love takes time to build a loving relationship, and if you are in love with someone, you enjoy the process of knowing them and building your relationships with them step by step.

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