6 questions you should never ask a man

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Men and women consider different things to be important in a relationship. What is important to you may be completely insignificant and even stupid for him. Sometimes women ask such questions, the answers to which are obvious to men because it only annoys and repels.

So, if you want a normal relationship, do not ask him these things?

Do you love me?

One of the most annoying questions to ask a man. If he did not love you, he would hardly have been with you. And your questions only show that you doubt his feelings. If you lack the manifestations of his love, this question will not solve anything either. And if he still does not love you and meets with you for some mercenary motives, he will not be recognized anyway.

How much do you love me?

This question is similar to the previous one. The only difference is that here you know that he loves you, but you need to constantly confirm this. You expect him to constantly talk about his love for you. But you forget that most men simply do not know how to express their emotions. The only thing you will achieve with such a question is his irritation that you constantly need to confess your love.

When we will get married?

As soon as you ask this question, your man will feel the pressure and will want to run away, even if he already planned to make an offer to you. In addition, after such a question you will look desperate. It’s normal to want to start a family, think about the time for you to get married. But then it is better to just seriously talk and discuss your prospects. If you feel that he is not ready for the next step, accept it or leave, but do not push it. You do not want him to marry you just because you insisted on it?

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Do you watch porn?

Probably yes. Every man does for sure, and you just have to come to terms with it. Maybe you are jealous that he looks at other women, even if you know that these are actresses from the screen, but his love for porn is in his blood and you can’t do anything about it. He may try to lie to you and say that he is not looking, but 99% that he is lying. This does not mean that you do not satisfy him in bed, and this should not affect your self-esteem.

Did you love your ex more than me?

He is building a relationship with you now, and that is the only thing that should be important. Do not dig in his past relationships. Don’t be a masochist. He decided to leave the past in the past, so why remember this? Would you like him to ask you a similar question? Focus on your relationship now.

If you had to choose between me and your mom, who would you choose?

No woman wants to deal with a mama’s boy. But you can not be jealous of his mother, and asking this question, you just show jealousy. What do you expect from him? He loves you and loves his mom. And these are completely different feelings. Remember that she has been with him all his life, and you cannot force him to choose between you, even hypothetically. This will only lead to unnecessary quarrel.

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