5 things you shouldn’t do when a man says no to you

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Maybe you’re in love with someone, but he hasn’t been in touch for several days. Maybe you just met, and he promised to call, or maybe you slept, and since then he has not been in touch, or maybe you even meet, but he suddenly disappeared.

In any case, this is what you definitely should not do!

1. Go crazy.

This is the law of the Universe: we want what we do not have. No wonder that as soon as a guy leaves you, you constantly think about him. But you need to pull yourself together and regain prudence. Remember: you should not suffer because of someone who treats you badly.

2. Chase him.

Social networks perfectly allow you to do this, but not necessary. Who cares what he does? He is no longer interested in your relationship, which means he is no longer worth your thoughts. Save your energy for those who deserve it.

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3. Write to him.

This is the fastest way to make him understand that you should not be sought. When he receives your message, he will understand that you are already his whole. And if he is a loser, he may even confuse your head and take advantage of you. So you spend your time. So do not write to him. Live on. Soon you will meet someone who will be worthy of you.

4. Interrogate him.

Maybe you did not write to him, but then suddenly met somewhere. Do not use this opportunity to talk to him or say everything. On the contrary, show that you don’t give a damn about him. Yes, it is embarrassing. But you better not show your feelings. And soon they will pass.

5. Giving him more power than he deserves.

Yes, to understand that you were abandoned – it is terrible. But in a relationship this is always the case: first, you experience several setbacks before you meet someone who changes your life. So save your energy on the one who will treat you correctly.

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