5 things that you should not ask a man

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Image by Keshav Naidu from Pixabay

It is believed that we have certain rules and responsibilities depending on our gender. That we should behave in a certain way according to stereotypes that have been imposed on us since childhood.

But if we talk about women, in particular, then we can be more than just a mother or a wife. We can do more than clean up the house or look good next to a man. And if we really want it, this is what we should not expect from a man:

1. Pay for you.

He does not have to pay for everything you want.

You have no right to expect this, simply because he is a man, especially if you want to position yourself as a strong and independent woman. Of course, your man can pay, but he should not do it simply because he feels obligated, because it is a stereotype imposed by society.

2. “Be a man and stop crying.”

“Be a man” is a terrible phrase. If he needs to cry, if he needs to talk about what bothers him, he has the right to do it, especially with his beloved woman. Everyone has the right to have feelings, and he doesn’t become less than a man if he cries.

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3. “Look like a man.”

Of course, a toned and pumped up body is beautiful. And if he wants, let him train. But if not – do not focus on this. His masculinity is not determined by how many abs cubes he has. Some simply can not pump up muscles, some can not lose weight, we are all different, but they are still men, regardless of shape and size.

4. Do not let him be a father.

Again, it is imposed by society that raising a child, staying with him at home, cooking and cleaning is an exclusively maternal duty. But dad is the same parent, and if he wants to take an active part in this – this is fine, and you should not detract him from his efforts or prevent him from doing so.

5. “Find yourself a male occupation.”

We have an imposed habit of dividing everything into masculine and feminine. Hobbies are no exception. If a man has his hobby, it is already male, no matter what. If a man wants to cook, do hairstyles, knit or something, then he has that right. It does not make him less than a man.

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