5 Laws of the Universe – the way to happiness

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5 Laws of the Universe – the way to happiness. They can teach you how you can become happier when you have no money or fame to relay on. 5 Laws of the Universe teach you that long-lasting happiness can not be obtained by materialistic things. True happiness comes from our mind and soul.

Non-material goods allow people to become happier. Money is only a consequence of your happiness, but not the reason. A happy person is successful and self-sufficient, and only then rich. The true goal of each person is to do what you want more than anything else.

A truly successful person always knows what he/she wants, knows how to achieve his/her goals and does not depend on the opinions of others.

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What is happiness

Of course, for each of us, this word has its own meaning, differently represented and felt differently. For some, happiness is fleeting and swift, while someone sees it only as a result of enormous work, hard work and the consequences of everything that has been achieved earlier. Whoever says anything, but happiness is a state of mind, and it depends only on thoughts. External factors are irritants that can prevent people who are impressionable from becoming happier or maintain internal stability. 5 Laws of the Universe, which will be discussed later, help to interact correctly not only with our consciousness but also with people around us, on whom much in our life also depends.

5 Laws of the Universe

1)We are what we think.

In other words, this is the law of attraction by thoughts. Even psychologists agree that positive thoughts give success, freedom and, as a result, happiness. This is characteristic of any person in this world. Why are children almost always happier than adults? Because their thoughts are not clogged with negativity, which accumulates and accumulates day by day. They only think about the good and dream all day long. We need to plunge into childhood in order to learn the magic of thoughts. Learn to ignore problems, focusing only on something good. If you do not learn to do this, problems will forever haunt you. If they are not in the head, then they are not around you. Use affirmations, meditations, monitor your health. It will form you as a positive person or correct your psychological and mental weaknesses.

2) Everything comes back.

Both good and bad. You need to understand as soon as possible the fact that nothing passes without a trace. This does not contradict your religion, common sense and moral standards. This complements them. You may have noticed more than once that your bad deeds come back to you. In Buddhism, this is called karma, but the bio-energy boomerang law is a little different. Karma regulates actions from past lives, and past life is not understood at all in bioenergy. One way or another, but the bad comes back, as well as the good. Many experts believe that good deeds give a lot more good than it seems. The physical law of the complete conservation of energy does not apply here – the bad can return in one hundred percent volume, but good deeds can multiply. That is why good people are double happy.

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

3) Knowledge and experience is a source of happiness.

Someone says that the less you know, the better you sleep, but this is not entirely true. Your attitude to facts has a decisive role, but when you learn to positively and objectively perceive reality, increasing knowledge will bring you only positive. When a person does not know anything, he is happy due to a lack of information, but this does not mean that he is doing well. Life is what needs to be managed. You can not embark on an open voyage through the ocean of life without experience, because we need to learn how to survive in it. The third law of the Universe says that experience is gold, without which it is impossible to become better and come closer to true happiness.

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4) Everything is relative.

All that is bad can be good, and all that is good can be bad. A person’s best deed may turn out to be bad for someone. For example, you decided to devote a couple of years of your life to helping African children. You left the country, leaving your loved ones, your parents. They may need help from you, but you have chosen a different path. In their eyes, you are not so good as good for those in need to whom you have gone to provide assistance. Bad deeds can also have a piece of good. For example, you violated the rules of the road, hit someone else’s car. Perhaps this Universe stopped you because at the next turn you would have crushed a person or a worse accident would have happened. Of course, all this is speculation, but when something bad happens that you can live with, it is not a black streak. This is the normal course of life.

5) Like attracts like.

This is a law similar to the first, but slightly different in interpretation. To understand this law, you should look carefully at your soul mate, at your parents. People join in pairs only when the most important aspects of their life coincide, are decisive. Good luck in love and friendship only accompanies those who are similar in something serious. Yes, we may seem different from each other, but this does not mean that we are not alike. Physical laws suggest otherwise, but the laws of bioenergy say that only the same can become one.

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