24 signs of a highly sensitive person

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Are you in the category of highly sensitive people? Have you met in your personal or professional life those who might be called highly sensitive? Acute sensitivity can be described as a sharp physical, mental and emotional response to an external (social, environmental) or internal (intrapersonal) stimulus. Highly sensitive people are introverts, extroverts or at the same time combine both of these qualities.

Although being a highly sensitive person, there are many advantages (developed intuition, ability to listen, show compassion, understand other people’s needs and desires, etc.), but in this article we will focus on those aspects that adversely affect health, happiness, success and which significantly complicate the relationship.

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Listed below are 24 signs of a highly sensitive person, containing excerpts from a book titled “Do You Have Hypersensitivity? How to develop perseverance, achieve peace and maintain self-control. ”

If most people face such signs only occasionally, then highly sensitive individuals – constantly.

1. Often you can not put up and let go of negative thoughts or emotions.

2. Unpleasant events often cause you certain physical symptoms (for example, stress or headache).

3. You often experiences bad days that adversely affect your diet or sleep (malnutrition or overeating, insomnia or permanent drowsiness).

4. You often feels tension and anxiety.

5. You are prone to self-flagellation if you do not live up to your own expectations.

6. You are tormented by the fear of rejection, even if it does not matter.

7. You often compares your self with other people and you are very upset if you look worse on the background of others.

8. Injustice and boredom arouse anger and indignation in you.

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9. You think or worry about what others think.

10. You are inclined to take things too much to heart.

11. It is difficult for you to cope even with the most insignificant conflict.

12. It’s very easy to hurt you.

13. You often hide negative emotions in your self, fearing that they are too strong, restless, dangerous and injuring to share with them. And there are a lot of such negative emotions inside you.

14. As an alternative, if there are too many dramatic events in a your life, you often discusses negative emotions with others.

15. It is difficult for you to take criticism in your address, even if it is objective and constructive.

16. It seems to you that people condemn you, although this may not have any confirmation.

17. You react excessively to real and imaginary resentments or provocations.

18. Being in the company of other people, you feels uncomfortable and can not be your self.

19. You are shy at moments of intimacy, unduly worried about the approval of a partner, afraid that he will condemn you or completely leave you.

20. You feel uncomfortable in a large crowd, in a room full of people talking, or when too many things happen simultaneously.

21. You feel uncomfortable from bright lighting, loud sounds and certain sharp smells.

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22. You are afraid of sudden sounds, cars traveling at high speed, and other unpleasant “surprises”.

23. You are frustrated with the bad news in the media and do not like “frightening” TV (terrible or cruel TV series).

24. You feel unhappy when you reads other people’s posts on social networks.

However, most highly sensitive people can learn to control their hypersensitivity by training emotional stability or developing strategies of sensory immunity. This helps to calm and relieve tension.

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