18 signs of Sigmund Freud, which can help to alarm and better understand yourself

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The great psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud immortalized his name by picking up the keys to the unconscious. He understood what the drama of the human soul is and what it takes to cure it. We offer you 18 Freud’s tips that will guide you on the right path, help to remove feelings of anxiety and better understand yourself.

1.The mystery of the human soul lies in the psychic dramas of childhood. Get to the bottom of these dramas, and healing will come.

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2.Man recovers, “giving free rein” to his sexuality.

3.The only person with whom you have to compare yourself is you in the past. And the only person better than you should be is you now.

4.You do not stop looking for strength and confidence outside, and you should look for yourself. They were always there.

5.No doubt, the problem of anxiety is the key point of many crucial issues; solving the puzzle of anxiety will shed a flood of light on the entire psychic life of a person.

6.Neurosis is an inability to tolerate uncertainty.

7.In a romantic relationship one can not spare one another, since this can only lead to alienation. If there are difficulties, they must be overcome.

8.Unfortunately, the suppressed emotions do not die. They were silenced. And they continue to influence the person from within.

9Nothing happens by chance, everything has an original cause.

10.In a sense, what we call happiness happens as a result of (preferably unforeseen) satisfaction for a long time of constrained needs.

11.A person who was an indisputable favorite of his mother, throughout his life carries the feeling of a winner and confidence in luck, which often lead to real success.

12.Dreams never deals with trifles; we do not allow the insignificant to disturb us in a dream. Outwardly innocent dreams turn out to be harmless, if we deal with their interpretation; if I may say so, they always have a “stone in the bosom”.

13.Depression is a frozen fear.

14.How courageous and self-confident becomes one who becomes convinced that he is loved.

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15.People find the reality unsatisfactory and therefore live in a fantasy world, imagining the fulfillment of their desires. A strong personality embodies these desires into reality. The weak one lives in this world and her fantasies are embodied in the symptoms of various diseases.

16.Being absolutely honest with yourself is a good exercise.

17.To the busy person seldom go to visit slackers – to the boiling pot the flies do not fly.

18.Only the realization of the dream of childhood can bring happiness.

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