12 signs that everything in your bedroom is great

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Keeping spark and passion in relationships is not easy. Sometimes you need to make a lot of effort to the relationship you are fascinated, and not annoyed. One of the brightest indicators of the state of relationships is your intimate life. To make sure that you are fine with this, pay attention to the following signs.

1. You feel comfortable being undressed.

You are comfortable with each other, that you are not shy about being naked, even when you are not having sex.

2. You always flirt with each other.

When flirting is alive, both of you are trying to attract each other. This playfulness helps to keep the passion.

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3. You playfully joke on each other.

You tease without touching others feelings. This is an indicator of emotional confidence.

4. You always want to be together.

You can not get enough of each other, you know that any time spent together is an opportunity to express your love to each other. You want to make the most of sharing time.

5. You often try something new together.

You are not afraid to study each other in bed. You are open to new movements and postures because you trust each other.

6. You feel sexy.

This is inexplicable, but when you’re around, you feel sexy, without any complexes. This is a great sign.

7. You remember your intimate moments.

You can discuss your hot scenes and recreate them. You have a rich sex story!

8. You feel comfortable being honest with each other.

You are very open about your needs and expectations in bed. But you understand the needs of the partner and try to satisfy them.

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9. You are not shy about your past sexual experience.

You know that you both have it, but it does not bother you.

10. You spend a lot of time in bed.

Even without sex. You can just roll around and watch a movie. You can hug and talk about everything. This time is very personal, intimate and important.

11. You are not afraid of physical contact.

Often you just touch each other, hug, you are not embarrassed to do it, even in public, even though you know the limits of what is permitted in public. You want to be closer physically.

12. You set aside time for sex because it is important.

And for all the important things we find the time. When you set aside time for sexual intimacy, it means that you appreciate this connection, including your awareness of its importance.

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