11 signs that you are ANGEL on the Earth!

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Earth angels surround us. They came to this world to share their light and bring positive changes to this planet. Earth angels want to give a pure, loving energy that will help people find their I in this life.

Maybe you even feel that you are one of them!

1.You experienced an awakening earlier and, perhaps, you were always attracted by nature, mythical creatures and the meaning of life

2.You are too wise for your years.

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3.You like helping strangers.

4.You have a strong personality, which interests everyone.

5.You very often experience deep emotional problems.

6.You do not feel the need to get married, find a partner or have children.

7.You can have clear or astral dreams

8.You will undergo many radical changes, and you will notice that you become the best version of yourself.

9.You find inspiration in many things.

10.You, from time to time, will feel instability, but your basic needs, such as money, housing, food, etc., will always be taken care of.

11.You feel the urge to return home

We all want to help others and ourselves, regardless of whether we are Earth angels or not.


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