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Love horoscope for October 21st to 27th, 2019

It’s getting colder outside, but this is not a reason for blues and a bad mood. In the sky – Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Libra. The first is responsible for mood swings and jealousy, the second for sensitivity and impulsivity. Prepare yourself for this and treat the events with a share of irony – then everything will go smoothly and without incident. Ensure harmony and comfort, surround loved ones with love, restrain yourself from rash acts.

Money signs that will make you rich

On the one hand, money is just paper. However, from ancient times money was endowed with a special magical meaning. Today, many astrologers and psychics are ready for everyone to hold a rite to attract wealth, and again… for the money. Is it possible to conjure yourself a financial success? You can if you know the signs and rituals that have come down to us in the form of folk sayings and signs.

Astrological nutrition and diet

As you know, planets are able to influence the human body. To maintain body tone and immunity, it is necessary to choose the right diet, which corresponds to the zodiac sign. However, taking into account the recommendations on the right diet for your constellation, you still need to take into account the day of the week. After all, each day of the week corresponds to a certain planet-ruler, under which it is necessary to adjust your day.